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If you’ve ever held a Zelda-themed weekend sleepover with friends, you might have faced the fear of lemonade stains, or any liquid for that matter. Sure, coasters are handy in such cases, but they don’t really look good. Usually they’re just doing their job and protecting the table from evil round marks. Now, with these Zelda coasters, you no longer have to fear any stains on the table, nor bear with the terrible looking coasters from your grandmother’s collection. These Zelda-themed coasters should suit your evening’s gaming topic just perfect! For more information, read on. 

Reddit user WibblyWobblyWW had a rather simple idea for unique coaster designs. Those of you who are just like me, and not much of a crafty person, might want to consider visiting his etsy shop where you can request any kind of carving design and put together your very own set of Zelda-themed coasters.

The price varies depending on the amount of coasters you order. Four coasters go for $30.00 USD and a set of five costs you $37.50 USD. If you prefer to have more people around, you might want to consider going for the eight coaster set which is available for $60.00 USD. You are free to choose a motif by yourself, or pick one out of the shops collection. Furthermore, you are able to decide what kind of wood should be used, and whether or not you want a clear coat.

If you want simple designs, this might be a perfect do-it-yourself project. Also keep in mind this previously shown set of unique coasters.

Source: Reddit
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