A Link Between Worlds was not only a great game on its own merits, but it managed to take the premise and design of the classic A Link to the Past and expanded on it to make it feel refreshing, unique, and new. But what if Nintendo were to take basic concepts of some of their other franchises, and add a new spin to them? Would Nintendo be willing to take the same design approach to A Link Between Worlds and apply that to their other franchises?

Game Informer asked A Link Between Worlds director Hiromasa Shikata if Nintendo is interested in approaching classic SNES games such as Star Fox or Metroid in the same way that the company approached the development of A Link Between Worlds. When asked this question, Mr. Shikata replied:

“It’s an honor that people consider the game to be a success. When we make a game we often start by thinking of the basic system and letting that in turn determine a suitable setting. If there’s something fitting for the basic Star Fox and Metroid formula then I think we’ll be able to develop something. On this title, if we hadn’t come up with the idea of going into the walls at the beginning and instead thought of something new which had the player curling up into a ball, we might have ended up with Metroid, not Zelda.”

As usual, it seems that Nintendo is focused on developing core gameplay mechanics first, and then deciding which franchise is best suited for those ideas. So for those of you who are hoping for a new Metroid or Star Fox game, there is always a possibility that it is right around the corner; if Nintendo believes that they can adapt their ideas to that particular franchise, that is.

Source: Game Informer
Via: Nintendo Everything, GoNintendo
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