Although A Link Between Worlds was released in North America and Europe at the end of November of last year, the game did not come out in Japan until a month later on December 26. Despite the delay,  A Link Between Worlds debuted at number 1 on the Japanese sales charts in its first week on the market! To learn about the game’s sales numbers and what it means in context, hit the jump.

Senior Research Analyst David Gibson tweeted A Link Between Worlds’ total Japanese sales numbers:

“3DS still #1 with 209k versus 245k last week. #1 was Zelda:Link Between 2 Worlds sells 225k in 4 days, #2 P&D Z sold 199k to 1m total”

Selling 225,000 in only 4 days is no small task, and is a testament not only to the popularity of the Zelda series, but to Japan’s growing fondness of handheld devices as well. In comparison, Spirit Tracks sold 291,000 during its debut week in Japan, while Phantom Hourglass sold 300,000 in its first month. It looks like it will easily outdo Phantom Hourglass’ first month sales numbers, and it isn’t too far behind what Spirit Tracks sold in its first week. It should be noted that the DS had a greater install base than the 3DS during that time frame (particularly when Spirit Tracks was released), so the sales numbers of A Link Between Worlds are in no way trivial.

What do you think of these sales numbers? Do you think that A Link Between Worlds will continue to sell well through 2014? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Twitter
Via: Zelda Dungeon