While the Famicom was known as the NES outside of Japan, the change of name wasn’t the only differentiating factor between the two consoles; the design of the consoles was also quite different. Whereas the NES was designed to look like a front-loading VCR, the Famicom had a top-loading cardtridge port, and the controllers were hardwired to the console itself. The Famicom’s golden-red color scheme–which was quite stylish–had a charming quality to it too.

James Montagna seems to be a fan of the Famicom’s aesthetics, and decided to make his own custom Famicom-themed 3DS XL. It appears as if James took the A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL and swapped the shell on the top screen with the shell of a red 3DS XL. It stays faithful to the design and color scheme of the Famicom, and matches well with the other Famicom-related items pictured. That’s quite something, taking a special edition 3DS and then customizing it even more! Props to James for this simple, yet very pleasing retro design!

Source: Twitter
Via: Tiny Cartridge
  • Gregg Friedman

    How does he knows it was the custom Zelda 3DS XL?

    • Sdudyoy

      It looks alot like it, I think It’s a pretty accurate assumption.

    • seadeer

      Because of the gold finish and black buttons. The only thing the guy would have to change is the outside Gold and Black finish, which is not difficult to do, just time consuming.

  • Saratje

    Didn’t the Famicom work better than the NES? Something about the NES cartridges not making good contact anymore after a while with the connectors, when the springs in the NES mechanism got lazy. While the Famicon games were standing upright and their weight would keep them pressed down and connecting properly. I like how this looks.

  • Bof