While the Famicom was known as the NES outside of Japan, the change of name wasn’t the only differentiating factor between the two consoles; the design of the consoles was also quite different. Whereas the NES was designed to look like a front-loading VCR, the Famicom had a top-loading cardtridge port, and the controllers were hardwired to the console itself. The Famicom’s golden-red color scheme–which was quite stylish–had a charming quality to it too.

James Montagna seems to be a fan of the Famicom’s aesthetics, and decided to make his own custom Famicom-themed 3DS XL. It appears as if James took the A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL and swapped the shell on the top screen with the shell of a red 3DS XL. It stays faithful to the design and color scheme of the Famicom, and matches well with the other Famicom-related items pictured. That’s quite something, taking a special edition 3DS and then customizing it even more! Props to James for this simple, yet very pleasing retro design!

Source: Twitter
Via: Tiny Cartridge