Monster Hunter 4 Link Costume

The Monster Hunter series is one of the most popular video game series in Japan, and Monster Hunter 4 is no exception. Monster Hunter 4 recently received a special Zelda-themed quest as DLC, and it contains a ton of nods to the Zelda series. There’s a catch though: this DLC is only available in Japan through the 7-Eleven store. However, you can even get some pretty sweet items from the Zelda series upon completing the quest. Hit the jump to learn more, and to see some videos showing off the DLC!

There are a bunch of interesting Zelda-related things scattered throughout the two videos from YouTuber RisingFunGaming. The DLC is an event quest, and is titled “Legend of Zelda: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.” The three monsters Zinogre, Kirin, and Rajang are each representative of those traits respectively. At the 2:05, 6:00, and 12:00 marks of the first video, RisingFunGaming battles Zinogre, Kirin, and Rajang respectively. The monsters seem to put up quite a fight, but they are no match for the party in the video (especially when armed with the mighty “sleep” attack). Upon their defeat, the quest is complete. Upon completion, the player receives an item called the “Triforce Ticket,” which the player can trade in for some Zelda gear, including the green tunic, the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

The second part of the DLC is titled “Akantor and the Goddess Flame,” and this time RisingFunGaming tackles the epic Akantor. The battle is long and involving, and the lava setting adds to the atmosphere. Upon defeating Akantor, the player receives a ton of loot, including the Goddess Flame. The items that you get can be traded in to get some Zelda armor and equipment.

And that’s it for the Zelda-themed DLC for Monster Hunter 4! You can check out the videos below to see both epic parts of the quest.

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