Majora’s Mask is a Zelda game that gets a lot of love around here, and many fans of the series love the game due to it’s deep plot, memorable characters, and unique gameplay. But have you have ever wondered how the backstory and events of Majora’s Mask would turn out as a film? Jarred Porter, director, producer, and screenplay writer of the fan-made, not-for-profit short film titled Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend decided to create a short film that explores one of the central characters of the game: Skull Kid. You can find out more details about this short film after the jump.

According to the film’s Facebook page, Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend is an adventure/fantasy film that delves into the backstory of Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask, and also on how Skull Kid acquired the mask from the Happy Mask Salesman. The Facebook page for the short film gives a short description:

“Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend is set within the world of Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask (2000). It dives into the tragic story of one of the most misunderstood characters in the game–The Skull Kid.”

The film was shot in August 2013, and was supposed to be released this past November; however, the film was delayed and will instead be released tomorrow, December 23. The film will then be available to watch on Machinima, and a link will be provided on the main Facebook page directing people to it as well. If you are a fan of Majora’s Mask, definitely check out its Facebook page for details surrounding the movie, and if it interests you be sure to watch it tomorrow! It’s always wonderful for fans to dedicate so much time into creating something that they love. Props to Jarred Porter for dedicating so much of his energy to completing the film! Be on a look out tomorrow for this short film to air.

What do you think of what you’ve seen and/or read about the film? Does it intrigue you? Will you be watching it? Leave a comment, and if you manage to watch the short film tomorrow, feel free to let us know what you thought about it too!

Update: The short film is now live! You can check it out on YouTube, or you can watch it in the embedded video below.

Source: Facebook