Here’s some recent fan art inspired by A Link Between Worlds; deviantART user HellGab designed this splendid poster, drawing inspiration for its design from the kingdoms of Hyrule and Lorule. Just like the two kingdoms, this is a poster of opposites. It’s quite something, and you can check out the poster after the jump!


The poster is of extremely high quality, and its design is akin to that of those cloth maps that came packed in with many old school RPGs. The texture looks very ridged, which adds to the old-timey feel of the work. Besides the Triforce being inverted, the pictures of the items on the corners are also inverted and flip sides. The top part of the poster contains a statement from Zelda, while the bottom contains a statement from Hilda. The statements by both Zelda and Hilda are very well integrated into the poster, and illustrate the contrasting viewpoints of the two princesses. It’s a wonderful piece, and hopefully more artwork like this based on A Link Between Worlds keep popping up!

Source: deviantART