There have been a variety of cool Zelda-themed items appearing on Etsy over the past few weeks. Today, I’d like to bring another piece of Zelda art to your attention that isn’t just pretty, but functional too! For only $10, you can get these beautiful, handmade perler bead Zelda coasters! With each order, you can select any four coaster designs of your choice, which range from the essential Boomerang to the lovable Cucco, and each coaster is also approximately 4.5 by 4.5 inches. It gets even better though! You can request a custom order, and have any Zelda-related design put onto a coaster just for you (you can mix and match the amount of available designs and custom designs you’d like in the same order too)!

For $10, this is an absolute steal. This isn’t the first time someone has done something astounding with perler beads either; the beads do a wonderful job of giving artwork a very retro Zelda theme. I know I’m seriously considering getting a few of these, so definitely check it out! Credit goes to BreezyBeads for the wonderful designs and dedication in crafting these beauties!

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Source: Etsy