Here’s a beautiful fan painting of a fairy in a bottle. This is a handmade oil painting, painted on a canvas. It’s a really jaw dropping work of art; the attention to detail is superb. The mix if blues and blacks help to make the fairy stand out in the painting, and the fairy acts as the only light source in the artwork, illuminates both the inside and outside of the bottle. The bottle itself is also very well designed, with the words “Fairy” and “Health” inscribed onto it. And here’s the best part: you can purchase the painting from Etsy! The painting is available  in a variety of print sizes on smooth watercolor paper, and prices start at just $10! Shipping is available worldwide. That’s quite a steal, and anyone looking for Zelda-inspired art should definitely consider checking out this painting. If you think it looks this beautiful now, just imagine how alluring it’ll be in person! Props go out to AkiArts for this gorgeous piece of art!

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Source: Etsy