2013-12-08 11_19_08-▶ Legend of Zelda Underworld Theme Acapella - YouTube

Okay, so this is a pretty cool cover of a classic Zelda theme. The underworld theme from The Legend of Zelda (also known as the dungeon theme) is some of the most memorable music from any Zelda game, and it is certainly a very catchy 8-bit theme. YouTuber Jaron Davis took this theme and transformed it into an a cappella version. It’s a really great rendition of this classic theme, and it is absolutely amazing to hear what the human voice is capable of doing all on its own. Not only does his voice manage to take the place of every instrument in the piece, but the a cappella somehow manages to make the theme sound even more haunting and menacing than the original. So hit the jump for the full video, and to hear this a cappella in all its splendor!

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Source: Youtube