The Tales of The Wind Waker

The musical talent just isn’t letting up lately, is it? Following last week’s Wind Waker intro music video and the latest (and particularly incredible) edition of Music Monday comes this delightful musical from YouTube group Random Encounters. “The Musical Legends of Zelda – Tales of the Wind Waker” depicts a very popular Link at a Milk bar, bragging about her adventures to a large cast of characters from various games. That is, until the troublesome Tetra and grumpy Ganondorf crash the party.

Even if musicals aren’t your thing, this video is just too brilliant to miss. It really captures the fun and charm of the game; one of my favourite aspects of Wind Waker. There’s a ton of nerdy references, clever rhyming and a ton of funny moments to be found throughout. You’ll find the video after the jump, and the full lyrics right here in the video description!

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Source: YouTube
Via: GoNintendo