Wind Waker Collector's Edition Prima Official Game Guide

Collector’s editions are always fun and special, but when you get a whole set of collector’s items and you own awesome carrying case for those items, well then you’ve got a party. Some of you will already have received your Prima guide collector’s box and delved inside to its sweet, sweet contents, but for those flip-flopping or uncertain about whether or not to buy, this video may decide you. Hit the jump to check it out!

There are six guides in total, and all of them are beautiful. Unfortunately, the bonus items you would receive when ordering each guide individually, such as posters, map copies, etc. are not included with this set of the books. The bonuses here are the box and the certificate of authenticity. If you really want the extra items that come with individual guides, you will need to take to the internet and find sealed copies of the games. I did a tentative search for such copies and you can get just about any one you want, still plastic wrapped and complete, for around $45.00 if you forgo the bidding wars.

I wish I could say that these beauties will go down in price over time, but as they are collector’s editions (and knowing Nintendo’s history with specialty items) they will not be here forever and the price will not go down. Once they are gone the price will continue to rise, as high quality sets become increasingly rare. So get yours now while you can!

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Source: YouTube
Via: Go Nintendo