Most companies won’t say no to more profits from willing and eager customers, especially if there is no catch. National Console Support, Inc. (NCSX) has heard the demands of their customer base and finally gave in to overwhelming support for a re-issuance of the super popular Skyward Sword Link and Metroid Samus Aran figurines. Hit the jump for photographs, info and links to their purchase pages if at the end of it all you just can’t live without one.



As you can see, these figurines are simply stunning. As far as display pieces go, you would be hard pressed to find better quality and such noninvasive stands. They are a little pricey at $50.90, but for a collector, that is nothing when you consider that these pieces were being sold at prices of up to and around $200 after supplies ran out. Like many gaming related items, get yours while you still can, because as soon as NCSX runs out you will be paying through the nose to have one, with no guarantee that the company will be up for a third release.

If you have decided you would like one (or both) you can find the purchasing page for Link here and for Samus here.

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Source: NCSX [1], NCSX [2]
Via: Go Nintendo
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