YouTube user NiNTENDOMiNATi0N has released a short video detailing clips from a boss battle in A Link Between Worlds. Due to the nature of this video, it does qualify as a **spoiler** so if you want to figure out how to beat this boss on your own, do not hit the jump. However, if you’d like to see some more sweet A Link Between Worlds game play and one of the boss designs to boot, read on!

Above is the video footage of the Skull Woods boss fight, during which Link battles against an enormous, armored wall master complete with giant cyclops eye. As far as the basic design, we have seen similar enemies in Spirit Tracks (every time you get a boss key and carry it to the door), but the armor and strategy are unique to A Link Between Worlds. Personally I like how they spice up the arena by having chunks of it fall away, in very similar fashion to the battle with Ganon at the end of A Link to the Past. I hope that we see many re-adaptations of past battles in the new game.

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Source: Youtube
Via: Go Nintendo