Club-Nintendo-LogoThe exciting Club Nintendo news continues! You heard about the Wind Waker HD t-shirt and soundtrack, and you heard about the download for the original Legend of Zelda. Hold on to your hats because there’s more–hit the jump to see for yourself!

A total of four new games will be available on Club Nintendo until December 8th. They are only 150 Coins so get them while you still can! If you recently purchased a 3DS or stocked up on qualifying games such as Pokemon X & Y, you probably have enough to snatch at least one of these classic games. Check them out below! If you haven’t heard of or played some of these games, never fear; I have provided a summary of each one.

Dillon's Rolling Western DLC

As you can see, Metroid is #1. This is the very first installment of the uber-popular series, and features Samus Aran (you) as a space bounty hunter on the adventure of a lifetime. The plot of the game is to infiltrate an alien pirate stronghold and stop them from taking over the universe with their creepy critters known as metroids.

Next up is Dillon’s Rolling Western, wherein you take up the persona of Dillon, an armadillo ranger who protects frontier towns from the ravages of Grocks, a form of rock monster bent on flattening human establishments. It’s action-packed and should exercise your need for strategy, as you collect resources and build your fortifications during the day and defend your perimeters during night-time sieges.

If you squealed with excitement at the next title like I did, then you need no introduction. However, some of us are not very familiar with earlier Zelda titles. A Link to the Past is a beloved adventure starring Link, an orphan with a strong heart, who, in the wake of his uncle and only relative’s death, takes up his sword to defend Princess Zelda from the wizard Agahnim and save Zelda’s maidens from their temple prisons. This is also our precursor to the upcoming title A Link Between Worlds, which takes place in the same overworld. For those wanting to play their old favorite before scooping up the new game, here is your chance to get it at no cost!

Finally, we have Art Style: Cubello, a puzzle game released for the Wii, which incorporates the core technology of the system to challenge you in creative ways. Between shooting, flipping, flopping and sliding parts with your Wii Remote, this gem should keep your brain teased for hours! If you’re a fan of Tetris, Angry Birds, the Rubik’s cube or any other form of visual puzzle, this game should be right up your alley.

Are you going to take advantage of these limited time offers? The games generally go for $5 or more in your console’s online shops, so if you’re strapped for cash but wanting more, this is the perfect way to get some new or old material.

Update: GoNintendo reports that some download codes for A Link to the Past have proven to be faulty. But no worries! Nintendo has quickly rectified the situation by issuing replacement codes at no cost.

Source: Club Nintendo
Via: Nintendo Everything