Welcome to another edition of Music Monday. We hope you all had a fun-filled Halloween. So now it’s time for two straight months of Zelda Universe singing your favorite Christmas carols. Just kidding! This week we are showcasing some top notch remixes, so enjoy as the  electronic melodies gear you up for another week’s work/school/gaming.

Amanda’s Pick:

I’ve always loved a good remix. Something about the electronic sound always puts me in a happy place. ChaosDragon004 delivers a powerful remix of “Midna’s Desparate Hour” from Twilight Princess. The original is such an emotionally-charged piece and this remix really brings out that passion.

Mark’s Pick:

There really is not a whole lot that can be said about this track, except that it will leave you speechless. This remix of Manbo’s Mambo from Link’s Awakening is probably the greatest jazzy remix of a Zelda song ever made. Made by artist DDBY, prepare to have your socks knocked off by this liquid awesomeness. And if you aren’t wearing socks, it will put some on you and then knock them off. Enjoy!