Monday is here again, and we are that much closer to Halloween! In anticipation of this coming Thursday, you will get to hear our last two picks for this spooky holiday. Chills, nightmares, and dissonance await. Hit the jump to get in the mood!

Mark’s pick

Many of you will remember Theophany’s remix of Majora’s Mask called Time’s End. The whole album is a stellar presentation of the dark feel of the game. Today, I would like to highlight one track in particular. Majora’s Wrath is one of the creepiest remixes of one of the spookiest tracks of Majora’s Mask. Theophany simply does a phenomenal job with this track!

Amanda’s pick

Trick or treat, Zelda fans! My favorite thing about Halloween is getting to dress in costume, and if anyone in the Zelda series is an expert in the costuming, it’s the Happy Mask Salesman! So in the spirit of Halloween, I chose a remix of the Happy Mask Salesmen’s theme by LeTourbillonEnchan-T. This remix does a great job bringing out the trance-like quality to the haunting melody. Have a great Halloween everyone, and stay safe!