As the launch for A Link Between Worlds edges closer and closer, you’ll have seen loads of screenshots, footage and trailers of the game by now. Nintendo Everything bagged themselves something a little different: an absolute ton of new item art for A Link Between Worlds. Most interestingly, however, is this curious object you see above this text. What is it and what does it do? Read on for a brief analysis.

It’s assumed that these many of these are the icons as they would appear in the game’s inventory and menus, due to their basic square designs. Despite this simplicity, however, all images have a surprisingly high resolution, and you can click on them all for a more detailed look.

Princess Zelda and Princess Hilda




Swords and Shield

Here is the starter sword and shield, as well as the Master Sword.





Here are some items, which are all available to purchase from Ravio’s shop. Many of these are traditional, returning weapons, and there is also the new propeller item revealed in recent footage.











It wouldn’t be a Zelda game without Empty Bottles. You can also see bottles with Blue Potion and a Fairy below.




New mystery item

Here’s what appears to be a brand new item. As far as I can tell, we haven’t seen Link wielding whatever this is yet–however, we may have seen it before. At the beginning of the most recent trailer, Yuga turns an elderly woman into a painting. If you look closely (screenshot provided below) you can see that she is holding a similar item to this one. In the video it is longer and looks like a staff, so it’s likely that it holds some magical power. What could this mean? Does Link inherit this object from the woman after she’s been imprisoned? Do all sages have these? Also, the diamond-like part in the middle looks similar to the switches in The Wind Waker–not that there’s likely any significance to that. Edit: Also, as commenter @roosgoff rightly says, the Ravio ears on the woman’s staff may suggest a connection between the item and the shopkeeper.


See these screenshots from the trailer:

A Link Between Worlds - Mysterious Item 1

A Link Between Worlds - Mysterious Item 2

Heart Container

The Heart Container icon which displays how many Pieces of Heart you have. This is likely displayed on one of the inventory/menu screens. Here it is at different stages.






These appear to be the tiled backgrounds used in-game–the green one can be seen in the mini dungeon at the end of Kotaku’s recent footage.








Here are some portraits, most of which being a frame without a picture. Edit: There are eight different colours, and as commenter DarkLink1996 points out, it seems to be the mysterious boy who is featured in one of the paintings (not Link) along with Princess Zelda. With this in mind, we can assume that these possibly contain the paintings of Zelda and the seven sages.











Official Artwork

Here are some variations of the previous artwork we saw, followed by some art of the Triforces.








An Alphabet?

And finally, here’s the most mysterious image to surface: an alphabet translator. It doesn’t seem to be any type of Hylian that we’ve seen before–in fact, most of the symbols look close enough to the English alphabet. Who knows what this is for, or if it even has any significant purpose in the actual game, but here it is (click for a better size).



Source: Nintendo Everything
  • DarkLink1996

    The "Link" in the painting isn't Link, but that kid who we've all assumed is his younger brother
    Also, notice how Zelda has the Triforce of wisdom in her painting. We can assume Link will get Courage, but who shall obtain power? Yuga, or that conveniently Ganon-shaped shadow from the trailer?

    • Reece

      Ah, that would make more sense. Thanks!

  • Yeah, the first painting isn't Link, but rather the young boy in the trailers. Must be turned into a painting at some point giving someone else for Link to save…

    Also, how could you not notice that this new staff item has Ravio ears on the top when the sage is using it. So clearly there's some relevance there to how Ravio and his shop is introduced…

    • Reece

      Who said I hadn't noticed?

      • My apologies, sounded like a bit of a douche there.

        Could have mentioned it in the article though for those who won't pick it up! 🙂

        • Reece

          True. Alright, here's a special edit just for you. 😉

    • craZ

      Yeah, I noticed the Ravio ears. Obviously maybe Ravio is going to have some major significance. A sage? Something else?

  • Anthony

    I have officially lost all faith in the modern Zelda titles. I am ashamed. Just as the new generation of pokemon is gradually becoming more and more disappointing so is the beautiful name of the Legend of Zelda.
    Here's to hoping for a quick revelation and potential repentance.
    sincerely -Zenox24

    • If anything, this title is getting back some of that mystery and wonder the the newer games arguable lacked! Colour me excited personally! Very excited!

    • Soeroah

      Compelling argument, bro.

  • HylianHero

    SPOILERS!!! look I know your a zelda website so you post things immediatly when something new pops up, but this game is coming out and you just reveal a new item. 🙁 i'm not saying to stop but could you put just the title of the game as the thumbnail instead of something new of the topic. then we'll know which game it is so nothing will be revealed to the people who don't want to see.

    • Reece

      Sorry if you feel that a part of the game has been spoiled for you. But in fairness, no one knows what this item is, what it does or what it's even called. We're very aware of spoilers and do our best to conceal them away from people who don't want to see it, if it reveals anything new. This doesn't reveal anything, as it's still a mystery. 🙂

  • decimo anonimo

    Hem… did some one else noticed that there are 8 empty portraits? and in total it appears there are 10? We can asume there will be at least 6 Sages… but the other two? from whom are? the Sages of Wind and earth? Sages from the Lorule? Royal family or maybe someone else? Either way, cant wait for the game 30 more days!!!

    Ravio might be more important than we tough, since it appears in the images of the art, might be like the Happy Mask Salesman. Dont know what he/she will do, but maybe will be very nice to see. Im crossing my fingers for the misterious image to be Majora or Ganon using Majora

    Also, the alphabet looks a little more influenced by Japanese, since some look like the Katakana

    • Reece

      If you look at the empty portraits, you'll notice that two of the frames are the exact same colour as the Zelda and the little boy portraits. In other words, they are the exact same, repeated frame but without the painting. So, there are still eight in total.

      • craZ

        Hey Reece, it was weird. Once I actually ended up entering the site and was logged in as you. I could have done whatever I wanted to the site. But I love Zelda Universe, so I tried getting out of doing that.

        • Reece

          Thanks for letting me know! It is a known issue with some visitors of the site, but as MikeL says, it's not quite as dangerous as it looks. I'm assuming you saw a black bar at the top with my name–if you were to try to access it though, it would prompt for login details.

      • MikeL

        As craZ points out, sometimes when an administrator is logged in everyone who visits the site see the admin interface. I tried to click an "edit"-link once and got prompted for authentication though, so it might not be a security issue after all.
        Basically, you seem to have session handling incorrectly configured on the server.

      • decimo anonimo

        … your right… man, that was a little disapointing… oh well, we'll see later when the game comes out. 27 more days to the release

    • craZ

      More impotant than we tough?

  • Mickii

    Excuse me, but that definitely looks like the alphabet from Skyward Sword. Well, I haven't memorized the SS Hylian text, but I definitely recognize some characters.

    • Caitlin8898

      Yeah, that text is definitely SS Hylian characters with edits, swaps, and new letters. But it certainly doesn't translate the same as it does in SS. And from the text I've seen in trailers, this "alphabet translator" doesn't seem translate the words to anything of sense either. Where was that picture sourced from anyway?

  • Silver

    Didn't upgraded items Had those ears?

    • Silver

      I mean that the items what you rent has those ears. So could it be that the old lady rented that item from Ravio?

      • craZ

        lol, Ravio is obviously a great businessman

  • Swapper

    Way to ruin all the images by putting a stupid watermark on all of them like you own them or something. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT.

  • Kafke

    The alphabet is used for the signs and such in game. I was attempting to translate it a while ago, but I had no luck (I thought it was Sky Hylian at first). Glad to see they released a translation.

    • DarkLink1996

      It is really close to Sky Hylian, though, A is the same just upside down, & there are others that are similar, or the exact same.

    • Super Smash Link Mo

      you can use the alphabet to read something whats in hylian

  • Richa

    The alphabet is that of skyward sword, slightly edited and completed (the one of ss missed some charakters)

    yuga is male (after ghirahim we have learned that the new zelda villains are fabulous)

    the staff the sage is holding has bunny ears the same as Ravio and Ravio rent you the staff, he may is a sage too or something like that.

    Eiji Aonuma said indirectly that there will be some majora's mask goodies in a link between worlds, sooo…….Lorule is linked to Termina?….

    • Silver

      Yuga is male??? How that is possible? In the trailer when he/she did him/her "evil laugh" he/she sound just like woman 😮

      • Richa

        yes, could be I'm wrong, but…there were more male zelda charactes that sounded a bit female/asexual, like the happy mask sales man he had a pretty female laugh. and when a main zelda character is female its realy obvious.

        • Silver

          Oh, I see now