Operation Moonfall 1

If you’re not familiar with Operation Moonfall, it is a group that aims to raise Nintendo’s awareness of Zelda fans’ desire for a Majora’s Mask remake. A Kickstarter project the group launched a couple of months ago not only promised backers limited edition art prints of the movement, but with the $17,000 raised, they will send these prints “to the offices of Eiji Aonuma, Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fils-Aime, and the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto”.

With the Kickstarter coming to a close, there have been two “mega updates” made recently. The first update confirms that the first print run of “Terrible Fate” handbills are now complete, while the second update announces that two desktop wallpapers are now available. Even if you missed out on supporting Moonfall, you can still download the wallpapers right here.

“One is a rework and update of the original campaign image (both posters together) and the other is a reformatting of the Terrible Fate design.”

Read on for images of the completed art, and check out work-in-progress shots on the update pages.

Here are some photos of the completed posters and handbills:

Operation Moonfall - Posters

Operation Moonfall - Handbills

Update #2 also confirms that the group are now focusing on completing the first run of posters, so backers and Nintendo staff may be able to expect them fairly soon.

Source: Operation Moonfall Kickstarter
  • hopper2004

    While I love the wallpaper (using it now!) and the designs, and the idea, and the entire project, I don't see the point. I mean, Nintendo seems to already know that a lot of people want it (including me) and they keep hinting and referencing to it. So I think it's safe to assume that it probably will happen (hopefully) soon.

    But that's just me!

  • craZ

    Good job, Operation Moonfall!

  • Eldritch

    It wont work for me. anyone know why this could be?

  • Rupee

    I can't download regular wallpapers. Anyone?

  • Metal Man

    To people having trouble downloading the wallpapers:
    Copy the whole link (from start to finish, including the parenthesis and .zip) and paste it into your browser.

    • Rupee

      It doesn't work here. Can you upload them somewhere else?

  • Metal Man

    The wallpapers are cool, I just wish there were a 1366×768 resolution versions.

  • xxx

    Did people really give these guys $17,000 to print posters and send to Nintendo? For a game they already know we want?