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Black Friday is one of the biggest events in America, especially when it comes to Christmas shopping. While everyone is preparing for it by looking for their camping chairs in their garages, the first deals have now been announced. As we went through them, we stumbled over a recent leak of GameStop offers and couldn’t believe what we saw!

As we reported earlier this week, Nintendo announced A Link Between Worlds special edition 3DS XL bundle for the UK market. We are glad to tell you that it seems that this bundle is coming to America too!

Exactly the same bundle has been spotted in pictures of the recently leaked GameStop Black Friday catalog. For the price of $219.99 you can get your hands on one of these awesomely-designed 3DS XL systems along with a download code for A Link Between Worlds. This is quite a good offer, as the 3DS XL system costs about $199.99 and the game is sold at a price of $39.99 which comes down to a total of  $239.98.

While Nintendo is choosing to say nothing, the news became official after scans of the flyer found their way online.

Sources: Kotaku, Facebook
Via: Destructoid
  • Joe

    I have to buy the Zelda 3ds…. even though I already own two.

  • Nihon

    I wish they would release these things in plastic boxes instead of cardboard.

  • craZ

    Man, I want this so bad. As soon as I get the WWHD Wii U bundle, this will be a good thing to go alongside that.

  • Santiago

    I'm thinking of trading my 3ds xl because i completely love the new design its amazing

  • maybeImalion

    I really hope this will be available for pre-order. I really don't want to get into a fight on Black Friday over the Zelda 3ds XL…

    …but I will.