Today at New York Comic Con, Nintendo held an event at which Aonuma sat down to talk about The Wind Waker HD and the upcoming A Link Between Worlds. Focusing mainly on A Link Between Worlds, the event showcased a new trailer and a few more pieces of artwork. Many new interesting and surprising details have emerged!

The first noticeable aspect is that the new villain (who has yet to be named) has the ability to merge their self and others into walls and drawings. The bracelet Link wears that allows him to do the same has an obvious connection to this new villain.

Nintendo seems to be getting even more clever with their naming systems with the introduction of  Lorule (yes, like Hyrule…but Lorule).  Hilda, this world’s equivalent of Princess Zelda, is in need of Link’s assistance. She says to a drawing of Zelda:

“Lorule was just like Hyrule. So very beautiful. So very…promising. We have need of a hero—and your Link is superb.”

Lastly, a mysterious set of red eyes floating among black clouds also appears near the end of the video. Could this be the return of Ganon once again or another villain? All will be known next month when the game is released for Nintendo 3DS. Stay with Zelda Universe until then as we will continue to update you on any new information that is released.

Nintendo also posted a couple more pieces of official art to their Twitter following the event.



 Source: YouTube, Twitter
  • Erunion

    Lorule sounds straight out of a bad fanfic.

    • DarkOwl

      Agreed 🙁

    • Dust

      The whole premise of the reflection is like a younger fan re-wrote Twilight Princess… I dunno why they're re-doing that, and in such a .. well, less compelling way.

      TP was taking that idea to great places. This feels kinda like a silly toy by comparison, and unnecessary..

    • Rob

      hahaha so true

    • Rob

      It should really just be the sacred realm again as it was in aLTTP and have it turned dark by Demise. Why fix it if it aint broke? They could have easily made the sacred realm be this new place with a different mirrored princess and the connection being through the cracks again. So now LTTP has 2 mirrored worlds that are almost identical.
      The only difference I gather is that this one is 'dark' ALL the time where as the sacred realm is only dark when an evil person touches the triforce or something.

  • ShadowLink55

    Demise is back! The upside down Triforce first appeared on his sword in SS, therefore he needs to come back! I look forward to taking him down next month!

    • smcrzgi

      um…. just becuase there is an upside down triforce does not mean demise is coming back….

      • Mickii

        Yeah, its more like a reflection of the Triforce. The whole Dark World, namely, this Lorule seems to be.

    • Dust

      Actually, there are upside down Triforces on the doors of the houses on Outset, and I'm sure other places.

      Demise is a little embarrassing to me either way, so I hope not. Sloppy retcon.

  • DarkOwl

    The new art is very nice. Sadly, that's the only positive I have – the new trailer has genuinely made me want this game LESS. Please understand that I'm not trolling – I'm a huge Zelda fan, but that doesn't mean that I have to religiously worship everything Nintendo does. It pains me to say this, but everything about this game screams low budget. I wholeheartedly agree with Erunion's comment above – 'Lorule' is an embarrassingly bad pun that we really could do without. (And I'm sure it won't even translate into other languages!) The graphics are SO bad too. The rotund people look like baby toys (please Google image search for 'Fisher Price Little City' now, to see what I mean), and the jagged edges (caused by bad anti-aliasing on a low-res screen) are painful to look at. And the story, set around two similar worlds… well, how unique, I've never seen that done before, especially not in a Zelda game! On a positive though, the new gameplay ideas have good potential, so there may still be hope.

    • DarkOwl

      (To be fair, the jagged edges are probably less noticable on a handheld screen)

    • norebo

      I respect your opinion, but I think the graphics somehow deliver.
      However, you're totally right in regarding of the plot and name. ew.

    • Vonter

      Oh thank god you didn't mention anything about the gameplay for a second I thought you were criticizing a movie.

    • Dust

      Don't worry, I'm also a passionate long-time fan, and I share your concerns and feelings of embarrassment.

      I would add to the list of good things though: DAT MUSIC.

    • Dust

      It's funny you bring up Fisher Price specifically, cause that was what I used to describe the sound played when you get the Triforce of all things in Skyward Sword.

      It didn't feel holy or epic or mindblowing as the Triforce should. It just felt like a little toy…

      SUPER inappropriate, very let down. 🙁

      • TheGrave

        DarkOwl and Dust are both fucking idiots, and probably the same person. Go troll somewhere else.

        • DarkOwl

          Nope, we're definitely not. And I'm not trolling, I'm criticising. A troll writes to incite reactions by making things personal. Like calling someone an "idiot", just as you have done. I shall not be replying to you any further.

        • Dust

          Please calm down. Our opinions are not a personal insult, just a different view of choices made for a video game.

    • Q_Q

      Oh look, another person who wants everything to either look like OoT or TP; well, this might be a bit of a newsflash to you, but Nintendo utilizes different styles across the WHOLE LoZ series. It should come to NO surprise to ANYONE that a game feature a different graphics/art style. Furthermore, The Legend of Zelda series' primary focus is the GAMEPLAY rather than the graphics, as the gameplay has been the defining factor in this series since the first day it came out.

      Quit your bitching and go play The Last of Us if you want to have a playable movie that looks nice; don't pester everyone else with your shallow opinions on what constitutes a universal 'good' video game.

      • DarkOwl

        OoT is my favourite, I must admit. But my comments are not about the graphic STYLE, they're about the graphic QUALITY. I don't want things to look realistic, I want them to look GOOD. In part, I think they're doing their best to push the 3DS technology to its limits, but IMO it would have been better quality to stick with pixel/sprite based 2D graphics like its prequal. On the issue of plot, I think many people (newer fans especially) forget that the series was amongst the first games ever to put a story at the centre. I lament the way that Nintendo seems to have drifted from this, but I am not criticising them for doing so. What irritates me more is that they're recycling the "dual-world" concept again and again, which is starting to get lame, like a bad fanfic.

      • Dust

        This has nothing to do with graphics. I took Wind Waker far more seriously.

    • Rob

      I mostly agree but I'm going to see how it plays first before I pass the final judgement.

    • randomface

      I understand what you're saying but it has to be considered about how big the overworld might be. Especially with a second one. If its big enough with enough storyline then almost anything can be forgiven.

  • Youssif

    Agreed with ShadowLink I don't see why he wouldn't. I mean Nintendo just made a bad ass with an upside down Tri-Force logo on his blade, and now comes this game, so I think Demise will have a connection to the story for sure. I'll be so disappointed if he doesn't 🙁

    • craZ

      Yeah, Ganon is just like Hylia's Zelda, but different. Ganon is Demise's evil reincarnation, technically. Demise can't really come back as Demise, unless, like Zelda, he goes to some evil sacred pool or something.

      • Youssif

        Screw Ganon, I want Demise and what makes you think Nintendo can't just come up with some crazy plot twist, and have him revived lol for all we know this might just be the game to do that.

        • craZ

          They could, but they're gonna have to make major changes to Hyrule Historia for that.

    • MikeL

      Demise has a direct connection to every other villain in the entire series.

      • craZ

        Yep, pretty much. Although, does he really have a connection to the main villains, other than Ganon and the Kotake and her sister (can't remember the dang name), in OoS and OoA?

  • Archer of Light

    Hmm… gathering pendants for the master sword-again, going to another world after first major boss-again.

    Definitely noticing some similarities in plot >_<
    would've like it better if it'd take place in a new dungeon or somethin' as it looks like the first part of the game is a slightly different, but very similar scenario to ALttP in terms of plot progression.
    I get that this is a sequel, but I THINK (not 'it should' my opinion) the game should at least have a different plot, only slightly similar to the previous game.

    • Dust

      Yeah, it's a bit confusing. On one hand they're trying to be RADICALLY NEW with some stuff…. but other things feel like a very clear retread.

  • Vladislak

    I'm hoping "Lorule" is just what NoA came up with as a name, If Nintendo of Japan came up with that name I'm going to be pretty sad…

    I'm still hyped for the game, but the term lorule doesn't sit well with me.

  • craZ

    That face looks familiar….. the villains face, I mean.

  • Seigemeister

    Hilda and Zelda? Is that a Sabrina reference or a coincidence?

  • quakeroats

    what are you talking about?! LORULE IS PERFECT! im sure it has a significance to the name…what else would u want that kingdom to be called…dark place land?

    • quakerouts

      well it does have a significance now! but im sure there is a bigger one to find later!

    • craZ

      Well, the Dark World. But technically, yes, Lorule is an appropriate name for the other world. Lorule isn't as much a pun as a bad imagination of Nintendo in this situation. It is kind of hard to find perfect names for places. When I wrote some short stories, it was a tough deal. I had to say Molarious for a main character. It was pretty hard to come up with all these names.

    • Dust

      Sigh… of course people are actually defending it. lol

      'Hyrule' used to be a name that seemed mystical and eluded being pinned to such gimmickry. Now with the creation of 'Lorule', 'Hyrule' as a name is rendered nothing but a pun as well.

  • craZ

    Oh darn. I was hoping the mask in ALBW might hint at a remake of MM. But I heard that Eiji Anouma said that somehow ALBW was going to somehow going to have a connection to MM and that we will figure out how at the end of the game. Maybe this means MM2 or maybe it still hints at MM3D or MMHD

  • Anonymous

    It's kinda funny that Hyrule's counterpart is called "Lorule" considering that the pun also appeared in The Wonderful 101 (except that it was spelled "Lowrule"). I understand the groan-worthiness of Lorule's name but I don't know if Nintendo could think of many good names for the other world. I hope I don't seem rude by typing this but it's easy for video game fans to hate some of the decisions made by gaming companies but quite a few of them take for granted the time and energy required to create the games' plots, program the games, and so on.

    Even with the alternate kingdom's name considered, I'm pretty sure that "A Link Between Worlds" will be a enjoyable adventure. A groan-inducing, punny name of a kingdom in an alternate world should not discourage anyone from wanting to play what looks like a promising upcoming game.

    Let's move on to a different topic. Doesn't the new villain look reminiscent of Ganondorf? I'm pretty sure that s/he has some connection to him but I could be wrong. I also wonder how the new game's story will connect to the plots of the games that take place later in the Downfall timeline, if it does.

    • heroofmasks

      could be a counterpart of ganondorf hilda is the princess of lorule opposite of zelda princess of hyrule or it could be lorules twinrova

      • craZ

        I could actually see the Lorule's Twinrova happening. I somewhat doubt it, though. Guess we'll just have to see when we play or in the next Nintendo Direct.

    • Dust

      Having worked on amateur games and being a close follower of the insights of game developers such as Mr. Aonuma, whom I deeply respect, I simply do not enjoy the ideas they're going with.

      It's not a matter of taking things for granted, it's a matter of personal taste. At least for me.

      There are other elements to be criticized as well, I should point out; it's not just the name 'Lorule'.

  • heroofmasks

    stop complaining about the name people theres a reason its called lorule its the direct opposite of hyrule and thats the opposite of high low so its called lorule

    • Garrador

      People do not complain because it doesn't have a reason.
      People complain because that reason, which you think is such a wonderful metaphor of opposites, is considered simple, unimaginative, basic, cheesy, and as one reader commented: "looks like something out of a bad fanfic"

  • MikeL

    I see a lot of people complaining about the cheap pun that "Lorule" is but come on, how is it any worse than "A link to the past" (my favorite Zelda game btw)? This is just NoA being NoA.

    • Dust

      In 1993, that name was provocative. It's not even really punny by comparison.

      I feel like we should have higher standards for an epic fantasy series now that it's 2013.

    • DarkOwl

      I guess the difference is that the title "A Link to the Past" was not part of the fictional world, whereas Hyrule / Lorule are. This suggests that one is "Hy" and another is "Lo", but neither of these prefixes carry any meaning! It's not like "New"/"Old" or "North"/"South". It is only by sound that we assume the "High" and "Low" connection. Hyrule is not High-rule! So if you're a big fan who likes be immersed in the fictional world, this causes problems, as it throws into doubt the structure of the fantasy world that we've come to know so well. It really depends whether you treat it as "serious" fun or "casual" fun 😉

      • MikeL

        I don't see how that causes problems at all. We all already know that Hyrule is named after Hylia, not "high", and it's obvious it's going to be a similar case for Lorule and the word play on high/low is only about symbolism.
        It's only by sound, you're correct, so obviously this is simply NoA being a little too clever with names since it's not the same situation with japanese.
        Now, back to YOU. You are prejudging and completely dismissing this game based on the very scarce info we have so far and now you question the dedication of any fan that doesn't share your prejudice. The arrogance is strong in this one.

        • Dust

          How is he prejudging and completely dismissing the game just because he has a few criticisms?

          I don't like this presumptive argument that, if you raise a single point of dislike, you're automatically a full-blown hater. That's borderline slander.

          I can't speak for Mr. Owl, obviously, but I have several hold-ups with the choices they're making so far – yet that doesn't stop me from enjoying the good points. I'll trumpet praises for Nakano's painting, or the remastered soundtrack, ALL DAY.

          Please don't put words in people's mouths. Picky people generally aren't as shallow as they are targeted for being.

          • MikeL

            A few criticisms? DarkOwl has done nothing but bash this game for things he is simply jumping to conclusions on, that's not valid criticism.
            Read what he has written, he has already decided that this game is crap even though neither him nor anyone else has played it yet and we don't know much at all about it.

          • DarkOwl

            Well well well, this discussion has developed somewhat. I'm not prejudging the game – and I'll almost certainly buy it. I know nothing of the gameplay and predict that it will probably be good fun. My criticisms (on names, parallel-world concept, and graphics) are only of the things we know about already.

            And, as it happens, I want to thank you for bringing the Hyrule-named-after-Hylia point to my attention. I didn't know this, but I guess I can go with it. If indeed Lorule contains some natural landscape beginning with 'Lo-' (eg. Lolia) then I'll confess that the naming is actually rather clever, and I'll take back all criticisms of the name. Your point has won you the debate.

        • Dust

          And sure, you could say 'The name has a story explanation!', but that doesn't stop it from first and foremost being an obvious pun. 😛

          • DarkOwl

            Dust, you've reinforced my arguments well on this page. Thank you. But on this point I disagree. If the name has a story explanation, that's all that matters to me.

  • nasanerd09

    Did anyone else catch that snippet of Ghirahim's theme music when the villain(ess?) was on screen?

    • craZ

      See? Ghirahim. Guess I'm not the only one. Maybe Ghirahim's at the whole resurrecting Demise thing again. Or…. (gasp)….. it's Ghirahim's sister???? Lol, naww, it couldn't be. Or could it????? Hehehe

  • Art1st4786

    What I'm not seeing anyone comment about is Hilda's comment of needing a hero, and "your Link is superb". This could mean that this Link has already established himself as someone worthy of being a hero, even though this isn't the same Link from ALttP. How, we don't know, or if this is even the case. Could this be something he does toward the beginning of the game? Is it a case of mistaken identity with the hero of the past? This, to me, leaves up so many possibilities as to what the driving force is for Hilda to decide Link would be the one to help her. This leads to even more questions about the intricacy of the plot. I'm excited to learn more!

    • craZ

      Maybe Hilda's a psychic, knows that Link will be a hero, and recruits him. Just kidding. Or am I?

    • Sahasrala!

      Also, she may be implying that they have another Link… Dark Link possibly!


    My my, is it me or are people pre-judging this game? Oh that's right because all of these people (User: Dust & DarkOwl to name a few) have already played and beaten it correct? OH that's right! The game *hasn't* released yet. I mean, it's not like users like this would even buy, play and complete the game even when it releases. No, instead people like this will forgo this game based on shallow prejudices indicative of an immature mind an an inexperience with playing a wide variety of games. And in the place of this game, they will continue to spew their misinformed, ill thought-up bias on something they've never experienced as is evident by their actions thusfar.

    They complain about the graphics, style and quality, of the game as seen above because they fail to realize the differences between an up-scaled online screenshot of the game and the way the game looks to the human eye on the actual 3DS screen itself. Not to mention they also fall short of the realization that The Legend of Zelda series uses different styles, different characters, different settings, different gameplay, different atmosphere, different control schemes AND controllers, etc… etc… Nintendo has already stated that they care more about the gameplay and the experience a player gets while playing said game, than they do about petty little categories such as graphics or art style. However, in order to differentiate the games, and the eras each game comes out in, they do change those aforementioned things, but those aforementioned things are STILL a lesser priority than the gameplay — A point which seems lost on people such as this.

    Additionally you'll see people complaining about the name for the alternate world in this game, Lorule. In-case you people are oblivious to what goes on when Nintendo creates one of these games, here's a refresher: they spend YEARS developing games like this, the name of this was obviously carefully chosen. "Oh but why didn't they use the 'Dark World' instead of Lorule?" Did it ever occur to you that this alternate world IS NOT the Dark World from A Link to the Past? Just because the main over-world is similar (which is obvious for a game that takes place ~150 years in the same geographical location) doesn't mean that this game's alternate world is the same as ALttP's. Nor does it mean they should be called the same name if they are two separate locales, after all, that would be ludicrous. "Why didn't they make another name up for it then, I mean come on: 'Lorule'? Really?" Perhaps because they wanted to make evident the parallel this world has to Hyrule, instead of giving it a name such as the Twilight Realm, Larbynna, Holodrum, Koholint, or Termina, all of which don't share a parallel to Hyrule as this does. Oh, and perhaps we will find out the reason for its name WITHIN the game after it's released. See, Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Aonuma have obviously had discussions about this and came to this decision, their reasons are their reasons, they are not obligated to share with us the details of their story process. And for people complaining about it being a pun, did you ever think that they could have intended said pun in their discussions, and after testing alternatives and finding none, they decided on it?

    Closing, I'd like to say that I, and I know a plethora of other Zelda fans are fed up with the constant naysaying about the direction of the series is going in. Who created TLoZ? You? Your friends? The 'Hardcore' gamers? No, Shigeru Miyamoto at the behest of Nintendo created the series. So guess what people: he gets to decide where HIS series goes, how HE wants HIS people to implement HIS ideas, HE has the ultimate say in this series, not us. Now granted, some of HIS ideas may draw on fan reaction, but those ideas take into account what the MAJORITY of fans want, as well as what will realistically sell well amongst a wide audience rather than what will sell well in a niche crowds such as the 'Hardcore' gamers, or the 'Hyper-realistic graphics' people, or the 'My way or the highway' people.

    TL:DR? Stop complaining about something you've never played. Stop complaining about something you have no control over. If you like the series, then adapt to the changes made, if not, then there are plenty of other games out there to play.

    • DarkOwl

      Nintendo is rushing their work on Zelda games. They are trying to release as many titles / remakes / rereleases as they can, because they know that it sells well, and that it boosts the sales of their consoles too. The quality is suffering as a result. Of course they are free to take the series in whatever direction they want. But it saddnes me to know that there are fans out there dreaming up (and sometimes making) their own Zelda titles that are often better thought through. Zelda is past its prime, and the original developers care more about sales than quality. Each new cheesy idea makes the whole series – indeed the whole legend – more, well, cheasy! Hence, I'm not critiquing a game I'vd never played, but rather critiquing the direction of the series as a whole. I'll still play it though!

      • Tofin

        You do know Zelda was made in the 80's? There is a reason why some people nowadays think that The Legend of Zelda is cheesy, and it's because the original source is old, way back when cheesy ideas were 'in'. Also, Nintendo isn't rushing their games; they have many more employees nowadays than they did in the 80's, so their games can get finished faster. Finally, the quality of all titles / remakes / rereleases is the finest seen on the system, meaning if the quality of the games is suffering, the quality AVAILABLE on said console is suffering. Take the Wii, for example. If you did not like the quality of Twillight Princess because it's swordplay seemed gimmicky, then it's not a problem with the game, it's the problem with the console. Same for it's graphics.

        Bottom Line:
        Zelda is a franchise with old roots, so it's gonna be cheesy, just like those 'classics' you read about.
        Nintendo isn't rushing the games, they have more people working on the game.
        It's not the quality of the game that's suffering, it's the quality of the console it's on.

        • DarkOwl

          I agree in part with your point. I do think that the limitations of the 3DS itself probably "inspired" the graphics style of this new game.

          I take back my argument about rushing the games too. But I still think they're being released very frequently just because Ninty knows they'll sell well. (They never dare to invest in the creation of a new franchise, do they!) I guess it's not a problem for fans (except for being more likely to lead to plot inconsistencies). I just don't like the thought that we fans are being exploited for our cash!

          Regarding cheese, whilst we may look back at the 80s Zelda games and cringe, at the time they were the most epic adventures available – serious cheese-free fantasy. As the capabilities of games have improved, it can be seen that the Zelda titles are beginning to slip away from the leading position for fantasy, and instead taking a more casual (=cheesy) approach. In summary, it's not its old roots that is making it cheesy, but rather a relaxed attitude to writing any plot that will fit the gameplay, whether it's recycled and uninventive or not.

    • Dust

      Having some nitpicks doesn't mean I'm pre-judging the game as a whole.

      This is a load of slander. I don't put words in your mouth, so please return that basic courtesy.

  • Echon

    I think the article about The Wonderful 101's "Lowrule" has put me off of 'Lorule'. I nearly spit out my drink. Buuuut…Lorule doesn't look all that bad on paper and if it wasn't for Wonderful 101's pun, I wonder how we'd have accepted it otherwise. It makes sense.

    Meh…I'll sleep on it. I'm a bit on the fence right now. It's just terrible timing to have the Dark World suddenly named 'Lorule' with a pun on Hyrule's name in completely unrelated game, is all.

    • Echon

      I have slept on it! It's really not a bad name. I'm not quite in the realm of liking it, but I'm sure it'll grow on me – especially once the game is released and I get to play it. Stuff like this usually does.

      I'm more curious about Hilda's need to bring Zelda's hero into Lorule. Lorule seems to be more a mirrored world separate from the Dark World (which was the Sacred Realm, once upon a time, which was restored at the end of ALttP) now that I'm mulling things over again and have watched the trailer a couple more times.

  • Snowsilver

    So now I wonder if the people who live in Lorule with pointed ears are called Lolians…or maybe they'll just be called Lorulians?

    • craZ

      Maybe they'll be called "dose Lo people. Lol, just kidding.

  • craZ

    To you who are saying that the graphics are horrible, watch the trailer again. Guys, it ain't a game like Ocarina of Time or Skyward Sword. This is a top-down, not to mention the best graphics anyone has ever seen on a top-down game. It's the new generation of top-down games, man!

  • Baker1000

    So I guess there will be a Lake Lolia in this world? XD

  • Zeldaphan

    Ok, when I first heard about Link Between Worlds before I knew it was so cheesy I thought it was going to have graphics like the 3DS remake of O.o.T. Also I thought it would have the view where you see the game and land from the back of Link (2nd person view. I think that's what you call it) and it would have the awesome 3D effect where when you have the 3D on you feel like your Link. But i have played the DSI download version of 4 swords adventures and this is just me but I don't like that kind of view and graphics. (as being a L.O.Z fan for about 3-4 years, for me O.o.T 3D, and Twilight princess graphics were the coolest) but I think Link Between Worlds is geared towards little kids (like the 2DS is) I'm sure some of you can agree with me.

    • DarkOwl

      I'm ashamed to admit that it genuinely didn't occur to me that the game may have been *intentionally* directed towards a younger audience, but now that I think about it, it does seem like something Nintendo would do. I suppose I can forgive the graphics and 'cheese' when I look at it this way. I guess I just always assumed that the sequel to a game released in 1993 would be aimed at the now-adult original fans.

    • MikeL

      Typical kid, dismissing a game as "kiddie" simply because the graphics are playful and colorful and it's not an FPS (or 3rd person). You say you don't like the kind of view and graphics of the best and most original game in the series, A Link to the Past; you're not a fan of Zelda.
      TP had the most dull and washed out graphics in the entire series, an attempt to cater to the kids who think playing realistic looking games makes them 'mature'. It was a hit amongst kids, sure, but most older Zelda fans saw it for the unoriginal remake of OoT it was.

      Finally, the 2DS is purposefully targeted at kids and doesn't have the 3D effect. ALBW utilizes the 3D effect heavily so it's just nonsense to say ALBW is targeted against kids.

      • Dust

        'Typical kid' <- Really? For someone condescending toward others as though they're 'kids', this isn't exactly demonstrating maturity.

        Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zeldas, and even I can tell this is geared toward a younger audience.

        It's not just about graphics, as much as you seem to enjoy pretending we're saying that. It's about TONE, and a lot of the tone is shaped by things like 'Lorule'.

        If you look at the paintings by Mr. Nakano, it's actually quite a lovely visual pitch. Wish they had gone for a camera perspective that highlighted it better, but I know they were trying to recapture ALttP in a more … exact way.

      • Dust

        Speaking just for myself and Owl on the graphics bit, and not Zeldaphan, as you have lumped us under the same umbrella..

        • MikeL

          Where have I lumped you and DarkOwl together with Zeldaphan? DarkOwl is simply jumping to conclusions, Zeldaphan is the one having preconceived opinions based on graphics which is what I was addressing.
          It's a very tiresome trend in the gaming world where 14-year old kids think they're grown up because they stopped playing games like Mario and only play games with dark, realistic graphics, violence, gore etc. In reality, that's a very juvenile and childish attitude which most of these kids grow out of eventually and start to appreciate what really matters in games, like great game design and great gameplay.
          Zeldaphan's comments suggested exactly that attitude.

          P.S. Concerning how DarkOwl has already decided that ALBW is going to be crap; just look at his reply to Zeldaphan, immediately and uncritically scooping up any negative comment he can use to reassert his predetermination.
          "Oh, someone said the game is for kids? I didn't think of that but yeah, that's gotta be it, 'cause I already know it's gonna suck"…
          BTW, I have no issue with you, I understand your concerns and reservations about the game and you haven't categorically dismissed it like DarkOwl has.

          • DarkOwl

            Please stop attacking and misquoting me. I have NOT dismissed this game. I haven't event concluded that it might be bad! I've simply pointed out little elements that I don't like and think could be improved.

            Who said anything about games targeted at kids 'sucking'? They have to be designed to different tastes, and those tastes happen to not be my preference. Simple as that! If viewed as a 'kids game', I would actually applaud Nintendo for crafting a game to entertain a primarily younger audience, as this would introduce the series to a whole new generation of fans. Realising this means that I will be able to play the game and enjoy it for what it is, rather than feeling that improvements could have been made, because I accept that my idea of 'improvements' may actually deter younger players.

            It was supposed to be a positive point. I'm definitely not 'scooping up' negative comments to amplify negativity!!

  • Russ

    Perfection. Another classic. Get over it people. Shut up and play.

  • Dovahhkiin64

    Does this mean that hilda is descended from demise somehow?

  • Destiny

    They just had to make another version of zelda, didn't they, great….and Gannon is now a girl, come on, now that's just wired, not to be a hater but this isn't what you expect from a zelda game. Of course I'm still gonna go out and buy it, 😀 lol