Today at New York Comic Con, Nintendo held an event at which Aonuma sat down to talk about The Wind Waker HD and the upcoming A Link Between Worlds. Focusing mainly on A Link Between Worlds, the event showcased a new trailer and a few more pieces of artwork. Many new interesting and surprising details have emerged!

The first noticeable aspect is that the new villain (who has yet to be named) has the ability to merge their self and others into walls and drawings. The bracelet Link wears that allows him to do the same has an obvious connection to this new villain.

Nintendo seems to be getting even more clever with their naming systems with the introduction of  Lorule (yes, like Hyrule…but Lorule).  Hilda, this world’s equivalent of Princess Zelda, is in need of Link’s assistance. She says to a drawing of Zelda:

“Lorule was just like Hyrule. So very beautiful. So very…promising. We have need of a hero—and your Link is superb.”

Lastly, a mysterious set of red eyes floating among black clouds also appears near the end of the video. Could this be the return of Ganon once again or another villain? All will be known next month when the game is released for Nintendo 3DS. Stay with Zelda Universe until then as we will continue to update you on any new information that is released.

Nintendo also posted a couple more pieces of official art to their Twitter following the event.



 Source: YouTube, Twitter