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This morning’s Nintendo Direct, hosted by President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata, cleared up the mystery of the item shop, now called Ravio’s Shop, in A Link Between Worlds. Iwata previously teased an image of Ravio’s Shop, showing items such as the bow, hammer, and boomerang all out for sale. “Now, the shop you saw earlier plays a very important role,” he said.

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Traditionally, the player earns the various items after completing puzzles in the dungeon levels. According to Iwata, ALBW is taking on a new approach. “Most items are immediately available there near the beginning of the game,” he said, referring to Ravio’s Shop. “The player can decide which item to rent and eventually purchase based on the dungeon they choose to challenge next.” This gives the game a type of flexibility not seen in past installments of the series.

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Iwata also wanted to clear up any confusion about the identity of the shopkeeper. Many fans noticed a resemblance between Nabbit from New Super Mario Bros. U /Super Luigi U and Ravio. Despite their similarities, these two are completely unrelated. “The Zelda and Mario series are created on the same floor by members of development teams that sit right next to each other. Perhaps they inspired one another unknowingly,” he explained.


A Link Between Worlds launches in North America November 22nd. Below is the full video of this morning’s Nintendo Direct, with the announcement beginning at 24:53.

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • gravyfan

    I suppose this will be a test of whether the people who hated Skyward Sword's linearity will like what they called for. This will definitely be an interesting spin on things. I didn't have a problem with linearity at all, but I am glad to see Nintendo continue to experiment with their games.

  • Amanda

    I normally like linearity, but I'm curious to see how this goes. I'm sure I'll love it though.

  • Greenwind

    so…start where ever you want…very intresting…Ravio??…..Ravioli..XD..
    NaBBIT, RAvio…¬¬….yeah…good nintendo…XD…maybe he's a dscendant from the Rabbit man…any ways.. I'm looking foward for this

  • craZ

    Kind of afraid with the rent idea. What if you don't know which item to use? Then you will have spent a ton of rupees on items you don't even need? Oh well, guess we will figure it all out.

  • RPH1

    The "A Open" icon looks wooden. I wonder if it changes with the context that he is in.

  • Soeroah

    Huh. I thought this would be the case, but talked myself out of it..

  • Rokket
    is it like an easter egg or the majora's mask is the item that link the two worlds

    • DarkLink1996

      perhaps a hint 🙂

  • Rikki

    Who's Hilda and why is no one talking about her?

  • Greenwind

    26:40 MAJORAS MASK!!!! bottom right!!