We have found something interesting for those of you who purchased The Wind Waker HD. One huge feature of the remake is that you are able to use the GamePad in order to go faster through menus and to save a lot of time during fights, thanks to the improved quick-equip option. In order to make use of it you are required to own a GamePad, obviously. However, it has its disadvantages: of course it doesn’t have unlimited power and is required to recharge. To make matters worse, the battery lasts approximately 3 to 5 hours, which clearly could be longer. This may come in unhandy, especially when you want to play using Off-TV Play. After all, you have to sit next to a power supply, while those aren’t that rare, it can be uncomfortable and extremely annoying.

Nintendo already realized this, and in Japan published a battery for the GamePad which supposedly supports a longer battery life. They didn’t stop there; Nintendo managed to finally release a quick charger for its Wii-motes too, which really has been due for quite a while. Both are quite useful and if you have problems with your GamePad’s battery life, this might very well be a good investment.

You might start getting angry that everything needs to be Japan-only, but don’t fear! As it usually goes, retailers already opened pre-orders for it: Micromania states that the approximated delivery date is supposed to be the 27th September, 2013. Amazon lists the delivery date to be the 4th October, 2013.


GamePad battery

Accordingly to Nintendo the new battery is supposed to improve your GamePad’s endurance from 3 to 5 hours up to 5 to 8 hours. This is not hard to believe; the battery increased in size significantly (almost twice as big than before) and at the same time got 2550mAh, while the old one just had 1500mAh.

The package comes with everything you need: a small screwdriver that makes it possible to loosen the lid as well as the new battery. Now all that is left to do is to remove the old one by pulling it out and insert the new battery, which fits perfectly into the slot, unlike its predecessor. After you have placed the lid and fixed it with the screws everything should work just fine.


Wii Remote Control Quick Charge Set

The package includes the usual remote safety gear, such as the Wii Remote jacket, it has under gone some changes: it comes with an extra hole for the battery pack, and strap. It also comes with a Wii Remote Battery pack and – the most important thing – the charging cradle! In order to transmit the electricity from your power supply into your Wii remote you need a 3DS charger which is also included in the set.

To set up your personal charging station you just need to take out the AA batteries and place the new battery set in the slot. Your Wii-mote is set, so all you have left to do to set up the charger is take the spare 3DS charger and connect the charging cradle with the power supply.  Whenever you feel the need to recharge your Wii-mote battery all you need to do is to place it on top of the black charger, it automatically snaps into it. The whole construction seems very stable and doesn’t let go of the Wii-mote too easily.

Via: Wii U Daily
Source: MicromaniaAmazon.de