DYKG Animal Crossing

I’ve adored the Animal Crossing series since the GameCube title, and now it seems that all that fun is in a small way thanks to Zelda. For those who don’t know, though, AC didn’t actually begin life on the GameCube, but as Japan-exclusive N64 game Animal Forest.

In the latest video from Did You Know Gaming?, the following little fact is shared at 02:05:

“It’s thought that Animal Forest was built on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask game engine. Both Animal Forest and the Zelda games share certain files and segments of code, and they both feature identical map selection screens in their respective debug modes.”

As always, there are also many more interesting facts surrounding the games in the full video, which you can watch after the jump!

DYKG Animal Crossing 2

Source: DYKGaming on YouTube