The Wind Waker HD, the HD remake of the classic GameCube title (and let’s face it: the best Zelda ever) marks its official launch today, on September 20th! So long as you live in North America and are willing to adopt the digital version of the game from the eShop, you can now rush to your Wii U and get downloading. Maybe you’ll even be getting a Wii U with the game? The Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle is also available today at $299.99. Europeans and fans who’d prefer the retail version just have to wait a little longer until October 4th.

Will you be downloading the game today? If so, have a fun weekend across the Great Sea!

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  • Tyler

    Are there any differences in the digital version of the game and the physical copy?

    • anto

      No there isn't.

    • craZ

      Nope. Just the fact that you can save WWHD digital version on an SD card and the physical is a disk.

  • Roga

    I already downloaded it! 999 pesos, like 70 dlls in México

  • Nonelse

    "and let’s face it: the best Zelda ever," um.. no! I will not be buying "Wind Waker!"

    • uhwebf

      Let's face if, every time a remake is released, THAT is the best zelda title ever, ocarina of time 3D, best game ever until this was announced, it's all just silly

      • Nonelse

        I couldn't agree more!

    • craZ

      If you have nothing nice to say about one of Nintendo's greatest games, it is best not to say anything at all.

    • MikeL

      The honorable club of interesting facts notarizes.

  • drnedaj

    Mine should be on the mail truck. Glad best buy shipped it early so it arrives today. Skyward sword they shipped it on release date.

  • Z-MAN7

    I'll gladly wait for my retail copy with Ganon figurine.

  • craZ

    Or will I? 🙂

  • craZ

    Wait, limited edition? Does that mean it will go away soon? And if so, how soon?

  • RPH1

    Have you seen how the Miiverse community for Z:TWW has blown up in one day? It passed the 5 day comment total for Wonderful 101 in 12 hours!

    • craZ

      Just shows hiw many Zelda WWHD fans there are.