A Link to the Past is the favorite game of many Zelda fans, and with good reason. From the opening scene to the final battle with Ganon, this entry screams all things Zelda. Speaking of the final battle, we find ourselves staring at it this Friday. Fighting Ganon is always one of the most memorable events in Zelda games. Your inner hero is awakened when contesting your strength against this powerful and power hungry character.

I did a double take when I ran across this piece of art. Since it is drawn in black and white, you wouldn’t think it would catch the eye immediately, but such is not the case. The way in which Deviantart user Beruseruku drew this is amazing! What I love about it is the way Link is not drawn as a distinct character against some background, but instead he is a white silhouette against the form of Ganon. The size contrast is depicted very well with Ganon being at least four times larger than the Hero.