Did you miss your chance to grab Oracle of Seasons while it was available at a discounted price on the 3DS eShop? Now you can experience (or re-experience) the game totally for free by pre-ordering a copy of A Link Between Worlds for 3DS at your local GameStop. Oddly enough, customers will not have  a choice between which Oracle game they desire to download. The offer only stands for a download code for Oracle of Seasons; however, fans can still purchase Oracle of Ages from the 3DS eShop for a price of $5.99 USD.

This offer has only been confirmed for the the United States as of now (where this poster was found), but we will keep you posted if we find out more information. It should also be noted that this promotion is currently only available through an in-store preorder. Online customers will not currently receive this offer.

 (Thanks to Kaiser for taking the picture)
  • Canyarion

    Nice offer…. but OoS is just €6 on the eShop!

    What I really want is a re-release of Four Swords: Anniversary Edition. I missed out and now I can’t get it. I played it at a friend and it’s a good game!
    So here’s hoping Nintendo will include it on the cartridge, or make it available again on the eShop!

  • craZ

    Yeah, I saw this at Gamestop this past Thursday. Only saw it as a poster, did not take a closer look. I will try and look closer from now on.

  • RPH1

    I think it's weird that they only offer OOS and not OOA. I got both on the 3DS eShop, so I don't need it again.

  • Hylian Hero

    I wish they would bundle Minish Cap. But I don't have this game so I'm cool! 😀