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The Zelda series has been both praised and criticized for its continual use of the same core characters: Link, Zelda and Ganondorf/Ganon. Although there have been deviations from this, such as the introductions of Vaati, Bellum and others, generally the formula stays the same. Lately, the idea of Zelda having her own game has been trickling across the internet, and the group “Link’s Fan Support Againts* Princess Zelda” sprung into being in protest.

The only Zelda game we have seen where Zelda is the protagonist is Zelda’s Adventure, a CD-i game released by Phillips and sponsored by Nintendo. A great deal of Zelda players have never heard of the CD-i games, let alone played them, so most have never been exposed to a game in the franchise where they get to play as Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, those who are aware of the CD-i games usually dismiss them as a disgrace and do not even count them toward the Zelda franchise. If that weren’t enough, Nintendo ignores them as well, leaving them out of the timeline and never referencing them in regard to anything.

Despite not being able to actually play as Princess Zelda, she does play a key role in many of the games to date, wielding light arrows and assisting you in your final battle with Ganondorf/Ganon. Obviously this has led to a sizable fan base that wants to be her for an installment in the canon series. The potential game dynamics and story changes have been hypothesized to death, so this new Facebook group is countering a real and genuine idea. Whether or not they have anything substantial to worry about from the developers is another story, but they are making their dissent heard nonetheless.

Would you like to see a game installment with Zelda as the playable character? Let us know why or why not in the comments.

*Actual spelling of group name.

Source: Facebook
Via: Zelda Dungeon
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  • Baker1000

    I wouldn't mind seeing her in her own game, depends what kind of game though. Maybe an action/adventure game with Zelda under the guise of Tetra.

    I also wouldn't mind if there was a segment in a future Zelda game where she is playable for a little bit. Maybe when she has to help Link out of a fix or something.

    • RPH1

      I would like to play as Tetra.

  • Brittany

    I hope they do not. Zelda already annoys me enough.

    • Davad

      Please explain why so we know you actually have a reason, I have yet to hear someone who is against this come up with a GOOD reason.

      • William

        not only that but WHY DO YOU POST ON A ZELDA WEBSITE IF IT ANNOYS YOU…gawd thats like a black guy going up to a KKK member saying im so flustered

        • norebo

          she was probably talking about the character, not the series.

  • kelseylaba

    And the should call the game, the legend of link. Like a Gender bent story. Link is a prince who needs help. Zelda is born of hero's bloodline. Ganon is female. SWITCH ALL THE GENDERS!

    • Davad

      Nintendo would never make a gender bent story. Zelda should not be a clone of link. Let us be serous on this.

      • kelseylaba


    • jordan

      no.way. no offense but ive seen enough terrible gender bending stories, and they are all just disguisting. at least if ur going to switch everyones genders, make a female LINK. because if ur gonna switch genders, it seems stupid to keep link and Zelda's genders, but switch everyone elses.

  • Hello

    Umm…Super Smash Bros?

    • Davad

      Super smash bros is not strictly a Zelda game, it doesn't count. Those are LINK'S spells for crying out loud.. Zelda would fight differently in an actual Zelda game.

  • that nice game :d. that exelent game

  • Jessica

    It has always been The Legend of Zelda… Why not finally put her in the spotlight.

  • Bri

    I don't get it. It's LEGEND OF ZELDA. How the hell could you NOT wanna play her. If you can't handle the idea that Zelda should e playable as a character in HER OWN GAME then really, I don't have much hopes for ya

  • Arquenniel

    I hope they make a game where you can play as Zelda. It would be really cool if they went back to OoT, and let you play as Zelda when she is training with Impa.
    Just think about how awesome it would be if we could experience things from her point of view during the seven years that Link was sleeping, letting us see in detail how she became Sheik, throw in some trials and all that ^^ Of course they would have to think of something new, and make sure it didn't resemble the LoZ series too much. After all Link has his way of doing things, so Zelda needs something different.
    Yeah, think I'm gonna stop now.. But it would have been awesome 😀

    • DarkOwl

      I really like this suggestion. In another reply I wrote that the problem with a game where Zelda is the main playable character is that it wouldn't feel like a Zelda game. I'm pleased to see that you also acknowledge this, and moreover that you'd emphasise a new, different style of gameplay. A spinoff it may be, but you've described a scenario that sounds fantastic!

  • Zelda Paradox


  • Sdudyoy

    No Zelda has always been an annoyance to me, the way I see it is instead of making Zelda the main protagonist of a game, make Link more customizable such as gender cloths hair ext.

    • DarkOwl

      Whilst I can't agree with the issue of annoyance, I do think that Zelda does not fit the 'warrior' character well. For those wanting a female protagonist, I would either be in favour of introducing a new character, or (as you suggest) making Link customisable.

      • Davad

        Or make it Zelda but not as a warrior. That is what this should really be about. Zelda with her own style. This is not about a female playable character. It is not because Zelda is a girl. It is because she is a major character and the best choice for a second playable character in the series now. Far better than Tingle. Stop thinking this is about gender everyone. Please!

        • DarkOwl

          I see what you're saying. However, a Zelda game where the main playable character has a style somewhat different to that of a warrior would not really feel like a Zelda game. A spinoff at best, a disappointment at worst. Perhaps making Zelda a second playable character for occasional gameplay elements would work though.

          • Davad

            Link has used spells in Ocarina of Time and Adventure of Link. I agree a secondary playable character should be tried before main character to see if it works out.

    • RPH1

      "customizable such as gender cloths hair ext."

      You want that, you should go download Lord of the Rings Online. It's free, and you can pick race (free people or evil), gender, class, clothes, weapons, crafting job, ect. I don't want an open ended, customizable Zelda game.

  • its a me

    In Spirit Tracks you can play as Zelda. Do you want a game without Link? That wouldn't be a true Zelda game, just a spin off like the Tingle games.

    • DarkLink1996

      It could have Link in it…
      Ever wondered what Zelda did inbetween the time that she gave Link the Ocarina and gets captured by Ganon?

      • TrueHylianHero

        That would make an interesting game.

  • Jonathen

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Zelda as a playable character in something new that isn’t Smash Bros. or something along those lines, getting her own story and the like.

  • Ericzander

    One correction. She was the main character in Zelda's Adventure AND in Wand of Gamelon.

    • GED9000

      Those aren't even real….

    • Davad

      Those was not made by NINTENDO and is not what they would make. THAT is why they are not in the timeline. THey were not true Zelda games. And if Nintendo made it, it would be NOTHING like them.

      • Faleel

        Guys! he was correcting this part of the main article:

        "The only Zelda game we have seen where Zelda is the protagonist is Zelda’s Adventure, a CD-i game released by Phillips and sponsored by Nintendo. A great deal of Zelda players have never heard of the CD-i games, let alone played them, so most have never been exposed to a game in the franchise where they get to play as Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, those who are aware of the CD-i games usually dismiss them as a disgrace and do not even count them toward the Zelda franchise."

  • Elienkae

    I think it would be pretty neat if they made a game where you play as Link the first time, but then there is a "Second Quest" where you play from Zelda's point of view. They could have a scenario similar to Skyward Sword, where Link is trying to catch up with Zelda the whole game or vice versa. Instead of finding items in each dungeon, Zelda could learn a new magical ability or something. Zelda would absolutely have to have her own abilities and play-style though, cause making her a carbon copy of Link would be lame. Zelda and Link would be able to access different parts of the dungeon because of their abilities. Imagine playing as Zelda and seeing evidence that Link had been in the dungeon before you (like a block pushed to a certain location or a bridge being broken or a wall being bombed open). I think it would be cool.

    • Peter

      That sounds so awesome!

    • RPH1

      GENIUS! Write a letter to Nintendo with that idea. If that was what they meant by DLC, I'd buy that.

    • Baker1000

      Sounds incredible. Kinda like Sword of Mana where you get to play the story from either the perspective of the Hero or the Heroine.

      I'd love to see Zelda's perspective of a story.

  • Jueves21Hector

    And what about a Zelda Co op mode? I mean, it could be a "regular" Zelda game that brings you the choice to play both characters! i think that would be awesome!

    • Davad

      I agree completely. They should probably experiment with this a bit first honestly.

  • Ollie

    In all honesty, the "opposition" FB page looks like an absolute joke. If it wasn't for this news article, I wouldn't have spared it a second look, as it genuinely reads like a troll page.

    • Davad

      I am not surprised. the whole opposition seems to be made of trolls and people that did not really consider it as it would be.

      • xxx

        So everyone who are against it are trolls? I see you are great at accepting different opinions!

        • Davad

          I just haven't seen one yet, I don't mean they don't exist. They usually bash the idea without any reason that it is bad. Sorry for stereotyping the opposition but they need to give a real reason if they want me to take them seriously on this matter. They have yet to do that to my knowledge.

  • Dark Wing

    "Unfortunately, those who are aware of the CD-i games usually dismiss them as a disgrace and do not even count them toward the Zelda franchise"

    … "unfotunately"? o_O

  • lulles

    The misspelling made me laugh lol I wouldn't mind playing as her, but to me, the main protagonist in the series will always be Link.

    • Davad

      Of course Link will still be the MAIN protagonist in the series. This would start with one game and games with just Link playable would surely continue.

  • legendofaaron

    I think that she’d be perfect in a story, occurring after Ocarina of Time in the Adult timeline and before Wind Waker. Link is not present in that timeline and therefore when Ganondorf eventually escapes from the Sacred Realm, someone would need to stop him. Zelda would take it upon herself to stop him at all costs. She would become “Shiek” once again, and would enlist the help of the Sages and other allies in her attempt to stop him. Ultimately she’d fail and the gods would need to flood Hyrule until their next “Hero” is born; one who is worthy of wielding the Master Sword. The ending to the game could show Zelda and the people of Hyrule, who have escaped, making settlements on Hyrule’s mountaintops and would thus set up the events of the Wind Waker which would take place many years later.

  • Dark Kiss

    For one its literally called as we all know, The Legend of Zelda, not the legend of link, so why shouldn’t she be a playable character? I’ve played many versions of this game and would love to have her as a playable character like in her own game not just like in the legend of zelda spirit tracks where she helps link in the mazes. maybe in the game where she is the playable character it could be more about the background of the royal family and more on hyrule’s history like how did the gorons and zora’s become? how is link always tied in to being the hero of all the past games besides the whole chosen by the gods thing.

    • heroofmask

      the link hero thing was revealed in ss its basically a curse demise himself said his hatred will be reborn aka ganon/dorf and those who share the blood of the goddess zelda and and spirit of the hero meaning link and his reincarnations are bound forever i could see the final zelda game being link fighting demises hatred and stopping the curse that also means even if ganon/dorf is dead at the end of tp demise's hatred will be reborn again

  • Thom

    Well, maybe a Zelda RPG? It would be very different, but it could work out

    • kelseylaba

      That I would play. It worked for Super Mario RPG … even some new characters (Bring Back GENO!!)

      • Davad

        I have wanted a Zelda RPG for YEARS! Nintendo should definitely make a Zelda RPG someday.

  • Vladislak

    The anti-zelda movement seems pretty childish if you ask me. Personally I'd like to see a game where you play as Zelda, but maybe not only Zelda as I do enjoy playing as Link. So why not both? I mean the more the merrier.

  • Anon.

    I'm not COMPLETELY averse to the idea but… eh, it just feels wrong. As long as Link still had a very major role.
    Now, this may be difficult to pull off, but I think it would be awesome if they included an optional second player, so you could play with a friend (over wifi too). It would be tricky to make it so that you didn't need to have the other person there, but the second character wouldn't be useless either, but if they could pull it off that would be so amazing.

  • Lloyd

    Even tho I really like princess Zelda, I do not want her to have her own game. Maybe something like switching to Zelda at some point in the game for a little while would work better. Where you can actually control her.

    For me Zelda has something mysterious, I think giving her her own game would destroy that.

    I say keep link the protagonist, don't mess that the formula that has worked for so many years.

    • Peter

      I think it would be really cool if you could play as a few key different characters who each have a part of the story, maybe kind of like Mother 3.

      • Davad

        That could work. Maybe you start out with Link and unlock new shorter stories with different characters playable, all happening simultaneously.

  • James

    Link is a character anyone can relate to regardless of gender, he's just a total boss and no matter who you are you wanna be him haha where as being Zelda (unless she somehow becomes a badass without becoming a manly weirdo) might be hard for some people to relate to


    A while back, there was speculation over her getting a game as sheik, helping link in the background during OoT. I'd play the shit out of that.

    • TrueHylianHero

      Totally voting for that!

  • DarkLink1996

    What Shiek did when not meeting up with Link/ when Link was sealed for 7 Years.
    What Tetra did inbetween Link getting launched and getting turned into Zelda
    Skyward Sword Zelda's Story

  • heroofmask

    um little fect the zelda cdi games wasn't sponsored by Nintendo. after nintendo dropped the project with phillips they allow them to use the characters link zelda and ganon they made game with them in it nintendo didnt have anything to do with the game if anything its a parody of a great franchise so of course nintendo doesnt include them in the timeline beside the fact they were god awful nintendo had nothing to do with there development they didnt ask anyone to make a legend of zelda game that way phillips just made a 3 games with all 3 characters

  • heroofmask

    how about some middle ground a zelda game were you either play as link with some playing as zelda in there or you could play as both that be a kool thing for 2 p co-op or single being able to switch between zelda and link to solve diffrent puzzles in dungeons or a full dlc in zelda games where you play as only zelda through a diffrent part of the game not like ss they showed what happen to zelda after she fell to the land below the clouds all it was was here dogging monsters then waiting in the past for link that would be boring for most of the game

  • Oni Link 303

    Why not? A Zelda title that fits the originally conceived idea of taking place a few decades after OoT and between TWW (as was what TP originally was going to do) would be ideal: The setting is perfect and the gameplay mechanics are something EAD are definitely going to make sure are sufficient. Not to mention that Miyamoto mentioned that games that deals with a sort-of reversed roles are something that he believes can be made into well fortified game.

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  • darminified

    Link is a boss, Zelda is a boss. I love the idea of seeing a more equal relaitonship where she doesn't have to get saved in the latter half of each game, and i think the ability to play as zelda would be a great embodiment of this equality. They are both thirds of the triforce, equally important! 🙂

  • Austin74

    I am all for Zelda having her own game but if they do put her in her own game as a playable character please don't make the game look cheap like they just put her in a game just to shut the fans up I would like it to feel like a Zelda game put thought into the game, make it seem like you put a lot of effort into the game.

  • Pam

    Maybe it might be nice to know what it feels like to be sheik, or to control a large army against zant (and lose). But making zelda a heroine kinda feels wrong. Besides, keeping everyone in the dark makes one imagine and fantasize.

  • xxx

    I think it would be great if they developed Zelda's character more. A lot more… She can be useful without having to be playable. However, putting a sword in her hand and calling the game "Legend of Link" is just lame and bad fanservice. Zelda being the warrior who saves "Prince Link" is just plain unoriginal. I'd like to have Link as the main character, because a game without him wouldn't feel like a true Zelda.
    As for people asking for a game taking place in the seven years that Link spent sleeping, yeah sounds like a cool idea at first but think about it: There wouldn't be a story or anything, and besides training, what would you do? It's just a filler, I can't see how it would work as a full game.
    On a more personal side note; It always fascinated me how the game was called Zelda but she was just the princess. It's a plot twist right there in the title! I don't think Zelda needs to have her own game just for the sake of the series name.