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The Zelda series has been both praised and criticized for its continual use of the same core characters: Link, Zelda and Ganondorf/Ganon. Although there have been deviations from this, such as the introductions of Vaati, Bellum and others, generally the formula stays the same. Lately, the idea of Zelda having her own game has been trickling across the internet, and the group “Link’s Fan Support Againts* Princess Zelda” sprung into being in protest.

The only Zelda game we have seen where Zelda is the protagonist is Zelda’s Adventure, a CD-i game released by Phillips and sponsored by Nintendo. A great deal of Zelda players have never heard of the CD-i games, let alone played them, so most have never been exposed to a game in the franchise where they get to play as Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, those who are aware of the CD-i games usually dismiss them as a disgrace and do not even count them toward the Zelda franchise. If that weren’t enough, Nintendo ignores them as well, leaving them out of the timeline and never referencing them in regard to anything.

Despite not being able to actually play as Princess Zelda, she does play a key role in many of the games to date, wielding light arrows and assisting you in your final battle with Ganondorf/Ganon. Obviously this has led to a sizable fan base that wants to be her for an installment in the canon series. The potential game dynamics and story changes have been hypothesized to death, so this new Facebook group is countering a real and genuine idea. Whether or not they have anything substantial to worry about from the developers is another story, but they are making their dissent heard nonetheless.

Would you like to see a game installment with Zelda as the playable character? Let us know why or why not in the comments.

*Actual spelling of group name.

Source: Facebook
Via: Zelda Dungeon
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