Wind Waker HD Club Nintendo Japan CD

It’s time to get jealous of Japan again, as their Club Nintendo pages are offering both an exclusive Sound Selection CD and t-shirt  of The Wind Waker HD. And in the process, once again proving how inferior the European Club Nintendo is (at least North America got a Majora’s Mask CD this year!).

The Sound Selection CD is obtainable for free for those who register WWHD between September 26th and November 4th. Players who complete a questionaire with the eShop version of the game are also applicable for this bonus. At this point we’re not sure which music tracks will be featured.

As for the shirt, it features the crawfish design seen on Link’s pyjamas at the beginning of Wind Waker, and you’ll also find the Hyrule crest on the back. The shirts are available to purchase for 600 star points each, but the price is reduced to 400 if you register WWHD on Club Nintendo before October 31st. If you’re not done looking at what you can’t have, hit the jump for an image of the shirt!

Wind Waker HD Club Nintendo Japan ShirtSources: Club Nintendo [1], Club Nintendo [2]
Via: Cubed3, Zelda Dungeon [2]