Wind Waker HD Title Screen

With the release of the game so, so close, the internet is becoming more and more bombarded with new footage of The Wind Waker HD. After watching hours of footage, I’ve picked out all the gameplay I could find that show sections of the game we haven’t yet seen, and compiled them all here. Please note: if you never played the original, this post contains loads of major spoilers. Like, tons of spoilers–we have gameplay of parts throughout the entire game. If this isn’t a concern and you’re eager to see the game in all it’s HD glory, hit that jump right now!

30 Minute Gameplay Video

This is pretty much the main course of our menu here, with a mammoth 30 minute long clip highlighting moments from the game’s beginning to the game’s end. In fact, there’s so much packed into this video I’ve time-stamped every different section below. You’re welcome!

00:08 Title and File Select screens; 00:49 Outset Island, Link receives his clothes and sword;02:40 sneaking around Forsaken Fortress; 03:35 cutscene where Link is taken away by the Helmaroc King and meets Ganondorf; 04:35 Link arrives at Windfall Island with The King of Red Lions; 5:35 The Sinking Ships mini-game; 06:39 Rescuing Tingle, receiving the Tingle Bottle; 07:37: Conducting the Wind Waker; 08:09: Dragon Roost Island; 08:36: Conducting Wind’s Requiem for the first time, meeting Zephos; 09:37: Inside Dragon Roost Cavern; 10:02: Link’s death animation and Game Over; 10:16: Medli gives Link the Grappling Hook; 10:30: Link finds Dragon Roost Cavern’s Big Key; 10:45: Gohma; 11:45Forest Haven; 12:44: The Mothula mini-boss from the Forest Haven, Link gains the Boomerang; 13:44: Kalle Demos boss fight; 14:44: Link uses the Deku Leaf to find a Treasure Chart; 15:45: Link fights a Big Octo and retrieves an Orange Rupee from the ocean floor 16:44: Link and The King communicate through the Pirate’s Charm; 17:04: Jabun; 18:05: All of the Pearls are placed in the Statues; 19:03: Link meets a Great Fairy; 19:54: Link rings the bell of The Tower of the Gods; 20:08: Link descends underwater to Hyrule; 21:08: Link lifts the Master Sword; 22:09: Tetra is revealed as Princess Zelda; 23:08: Link warps using The Ballad of Gales; 23:42: Link finds Triforce Shard from the ocean floor; 24:11: Link controls a seagull with a Hyoi Pear; 24:48: Link and Medli restore some power to the Master Sword; 26:25 Molgera appears; 26:33: Link and Makar re-awaken the Master Sword’s power; 27:31 Link breaks Ganondorf’s seal and enters his castle; 28:17: Puppet Ganon; 29:08: The final battle with Ganondorf.

Notable information: When starting the game, it will ask what control method you wish you to use (GamePad or Pro Controller), and a window will now pop up explaining Hero Mode. Tingle also has some new dialogue after he gives you the Tingle Bottle.

Helmaroc King boss fight

Next up we have some footage of the Helmaroc King boss fight from IGN. This was recorded at Gamescom, meaning the footage is off-screen and the game’s audio is drained out by other noise at the convention–but still it manages to look great, and is appears to be one of very few videos of this boss fight around.

Outset Island

This brief preview from Nintendomination shows some gameplay of Outset Island at the start of the game, as well as a brief glimpse of The Forsaken Fortress. Again, there is no in-game audio to accompany the footage here, so this is purely of visual interest.

Rescuing Tetra

The sequence near the start of the game where you enter the woods atop Outset Island and engage in your first fight with two Bokoblins.

Title Screen

Here’s the entire title screen sequence when you boot up the game.


Link uses the Telescope, does some sailing, throws Bomb Flowers around Dragon Roost Island, fights the Moblin mini-boss to rescue Medli, fights enemies in the Forest Haven and controls statues in the Tower of the Gods.

Gohdan Boss Fight

Link fights Gohdan, the boss of the third dungeon, The Tower of the Gods.

Darknut Mini-Boss Fight

Link fights the Darknut mini-boss.

Baka Bud Hopping

Link is flung around using the Baka Buds that surround the Great Deku Tree.

Leaving Outset Island

The cutscene where Link departs from his home island.

Dragon Roost Cavern

Link enters the first dungeon, Dragon Roost Cavern.

Windfall Island and first-person gameplay

Link runs around Windfall Island, and the first-person view is demonstrated.

More Forsaken Fortress gameplay

Here’s more gameplay from the Forsaken Fortress, with Link sidling the wall, retrieving his lost sword and fighting the Green Elite Bokoblin that guards the door.

Sailing from day to night

And to round things off, here’s some peaceful sailing, with the day shifting into night.

That’s about it, but if you want to catch more previous footage we’ve reported on, head over to our new Everything We Know list. If you happen to find any more gameplay footage covering sections not presented here, leave us a comment and we’ll update the post with your name credited.

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Via: Nintendo Everything