We are less than a month away from the Wind Waker HD release. New screenshots and video footage have been released, and the detail is absolutely stunning. The updated graphics should make for an improved gaming experience, making Wind Waker HD feel more like a new game rather than a repeat.

The Japanese Wind Waker HD site is up. Even if you’re like me and can’t read Japanese, you can still click around for some cool pictures and videos.

One new minor feature is the ability to skip the initial prologue. I enjoy watching it, but if you would rather go straight to playing the game, now you can. Hit the jump for the latest screenshots and videos!

After watching the video, saying the game has smoother, more polished graphics doesn’t do it justice. The graphics themselves could stand alone as beautiful artwork.

Nintendo released this Wind Waker HD trailer. At 16 seconds in length, it’s not much, but it does show a cool shot of Link wielding his sword.

Boss battles:










Many Zelda fans were concerned that the update would either be a total waste, or ruin the game they already love. The epic boss battles and colorful environments truly separate Wind Waker HD from the original, creating a whole new game.

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  • Matt

    The music also sounds better (click the sounds in the top right).

  • wandersage

    That's pretty damn pretty

  • Doc

    Why did they make it so bright? What is the purpose?

    • Soeroah

      No idea…maybe to simulate how bright the ocean can get on sunny days? If indeed that's how it works..

  • RPH1

    "the ability to skip the initial prologue."

    I'd punch somebody for skipping that the first time it's shown.

    P.S. Gamestop was out of the Ganondorf figurines when I preordered it this week. :-S