The Wonderful 101 - It's A Secret to Everybody

I’m loving The Wonderful 101 right now, with it’s fast-paced action gameplay, lovable characters and fantastic setpieces. The only thing that could make it better is a Zelda reference, which I just happened to witness pretty early on in the game. After you defeat the first Diedough-Goo enemy you encounter in Operation 001-A (the first level after the prologue), a mysterious portal known as a “GEATH-Circle” will open and the game will introduce you to the game’s hidden missions. P-Star then says:

“*P-ping!* Hey! I know what this is…! *Bzzt”* *P-ping!* It’s a GEATH-Circle! It leads to the GEATHJERK secret lair Kahkoo-regah! The Kahkoo-regah are secret bases that the remnants of the last GEATHJERK invasion hid underground. GEATH-Circles are normally hidden and how to uncover them is a secret to everybody!

“A secret to everybody” is a long-running quote that appears in almost all Zelda games in some form. This is the second Zelda reference in the game we’ve spotted so far, after a screenshot revealed the game’s Hero Heart Fragments which appeared to pay tribute to Heart Pieces. The Wonderful 101 is out now in Europe, Japan and Australia and will soon hit North America on September 15th.

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