If you’re not up to date, Zelda Universe is making its own Zelda fangame, tentatively called Timeless Haven. This is a non-profit, fan-made game not associated with Nintendo in any way. It’s been in development for almost three years and our goal is to get a beta demo ready for the holidays. However, to get there we need your help! We’re looking to expand our team of programmers and spriters in order to steam ahead and get a lot more content into the game. In addition to that we also need a few game designers and someone who’s good with 16-bit music.

If you want to join our development team and think you have the skills required, have a closer look at the application info. Feel free to send a message to Hombre de Mundo on the forums, or via email (ManofWorld[at]zeldauniverse.net) if you have any questions or concerns. Also, have a look at our main thread where you can get all available information about the game and download our previous demos.