Wind Waker HD Selfies

Recently we reported that the upgraded Picto Box capabilities in The Wind Waker HD allows Link to take funny photos of his own face. Now, you can see what this looks like in some off-screen video footage provided by GameXplain. You can toggle through different emotions such as happiness, shock and fatigue.

Another gameplay video from GameSpot shows footage of the entire Hyrule Castle section. The representative shows how you can drag and equip items on the GamePad touch screen without pausing the game, as well as access the options while the game is running. The recently announced first-person view is also demonstrated, with both motion control and traditional buttons supported while in this view.

You can switch between TV and Off-TV (GamePad-only) play on the fly with the Minus button. Interestingly, you can turn Hero Mode on and off whenever you want–which is fantastic, as you don’t have to commit to a whole Hero Mode run once you’ve already started and can experiment with both difficulties as you please.

Even with the footage captured off-TV, the game is looking beautiful. It seems fitting that the second video starts with the frozen, black-and-white Hyrule before transitioning into full colour–like it’s teasing how great it all looks.

Please note: For those who have not played the original, the second video contains a very late section of the game and some major spoilers.

Sources: GameXplain YouTube, GameSpot YouTube
Via: Nintendo Everything [1] and [2]
  • DTF

    I don't remember those carvings around the master sword being in the original, are they new?

    • morti

      no, they've always been there.

    • craZ

      They were always there. Sorry.

  • craZ

    I got that triforce puzzle first time I attempted it. It was so easy.

  • craZ

    For the first video, I am excited to be able to take hilarious pictures with Link and post them on Miiverse. For the second, the game looks amazing. Can't wait to get it in the bundle (it's gonna happen, trust me.)

  • RPH1

    So, you can change items and options while the game is not paused. How do you make sure Link doesn't get killed while you take a pee break or get something to drink? Can you pause?

    • LexKitteh

      Since the Wii U Pro Controller is supported, I wonder if the regular pause menu would appear, or if you would still need to use the gamepad. Either way, pressing the Home button would freeze the game and pause for you

    • Reece

      This is just an optional quick means of accessing the "pause" menu, not a replacement.

  • Dave

    Carolyn is a dude.

  • Amy

    That blond guys voice makes me think of Triangle. Not sure why. His laugh is not what i would expect either. Just saying its distracting. Maybe, this games got me so hyped that I may need to play a Zelda game.

    • Jack

      Thats a her…