After a summer break we’re now back with a new podcast! This week, Hombre and humulos are joined by Erimgard (properly represented by Gwonam from the CD-i games) in a discussion regarding games with similarities to those in the Zelda series. From now on the podcast will be uploaded once every two weeks with a variety of hosts. All episodes so far can be found in this playlist, and you can watch the podcast in video format after the jump.

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  • HeroOfTermina

    Great podcast, but it’s not the same like it was in the old days. Back when Liah and Magar produced it, it was both extremely funny and extremely informational. While I loved listening to the great debates, I really listening before because I would always laugh a lot. If you guys could bring some of that back, it would be great.

    I’m glad it’s still around though. Keep up the good work.

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