Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle - Target Tracking System

A source at major North American retailer Target revealed to Destructoid some interesting new upcoming Nintendo bundles via photos of the store’s inventory tracking system. One of these was a Wii U bundle consisting of the 32GB Deluxe console and a copy of The Wind Waker HD, retailing at $349.99.

Potential 3DS buyers aren’t left out either, as two new 3DS XL bundles were also included in the images for Pokemon X and Y. One in red and the other in blue, these will retail at $199.99. There are currently no release dates for these bundles, but it’s assumed that these will hit stores in October when all three games are released. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo replied with “Nintendo does not comment on rumors and speculation.” when questioned on the topic. Non-Wii U owners, would this bundle tempt you?

Source: Destructoid