Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle - Target Tracking System

A source at major North American retailer Target revealed to Destructoid some interesting new upcoming Nintendo bundles via photos of the store’s inventory tracking system. One of these was a Wii U bundle consisting of the 32GB Deluxe console and a copy of The Wind Waker HD, retailing at $349.99.

Potential 3DS buyers aren’t left out either, as two new 3DS XL bundles were also included in the images for Pokemon X and Y. One in red and the other in blue, these will retail at $199.99. There are currently no release dates for these bundles, but it’s assumed that these will hit stores in October when all three games are released. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo replied with “Nintendo does not comment on rumors and speculation.” when questioned on the topic. Non-Wii U owners, would this bundle tempt you?

Source: Destructoid
  • TEMPT me? This is a console I don't have, have been wanting it for a long time, and it includes my childhood favorite game remade in HD, which I have also been waiting for. This doesn't just tempt me, this SOLD me. 😀

    • jlmdroid

      I feel bad for you that your childhood game is the Wind Waker.

      • marcus

        better WW than COD and most games thinking about it

      • Trance

        I feel bad for you for not respecting someone's favorite game.

      • Reece

        I feel bad for you going into a post you clearly aren't interested in just to disrespect someone.

        Also I feel bad for CoD, getting unnecessary hate even in irrelevant topics. It's just getting tiring hearing it get constantly slated just because it's a popular franchise. If CoD is actually the worst series that gaming has to offer according to people on the internet, then I'd say it's a damn good time right now for video games.

      • blademan729

        hey i grew up with windwaker as the first zelda game i played but my child hood game shall always be perfect dark :#

        • Sabooru

          I feel bad for you because you're all feeling bad.

      • Raz

        Hey, guess what, my childhood games are A Link to the Past, Wind Waker and about 50 more.

        Feeling bad?

  • Brittany

    I am not buying a Wii U until Wind Waker comes out. Just like I didnt buy a Wii until Skyward came out.

  • Trance

    I already own the system.
    But it will be a good thing for people who don't have it yet and have been waiting for WW HD to get one.

  • craZ

    I already planned on getting Wind Waker HD for the Wii U. A bundle might be the better choice. I have to check a couple things though. 1: If it is more expensive than just getting the deluxe version and buying wind Waker HD separate because I would like to get Nintendo Land also, not just Wind Waker HD. If I got the bundle and it costed the same, I would probably get Mario 3D World with that. You guys help me out here.

  • darkgerudo

    I wasn't planning on getting Wind Waker HD (I am perfectly fine with the GCN version), and I'm still saving up for a WiiU, but if I were to get a WiiU bundle, this one would certainly be my choice.

  • craZ

    And also, is 2.6 gigabytes a ton since the Wii U is 32 gb?

  • craZ

    I just read something that said it might be sold at the same price. If it comes with a download code for Nintendo Land, I am more than sold. If it is green or decorated with Wind Waker HD stuff, I will be mad but I will try and live with it. I hope i is black though. I was planning on spending $440 to get the Wii U with Nintendo Land and Wind Waker HD, but this route may be an answered prayer for me. This way I can get Nintendo Land, Wind Waker HD, and Mario 3d world all for $440. It would make my family love me more and make me happy (given Nintendo Land download code comes with it.

  • Mary

    Doubt it'd be green. I would have thought they would have done green with the Year of Luigi, but no…probably just be black. I wish more game consoles were green, as that is my favorite color!
    Guess I'll just stare at my Gameboy color for that one.

    • PandomCastiel

      Xbox's seem to have a reletively green theme.

  • Adrian Garza

    Im interested in it but i already have a wii u so i hope they sell a wind waker skin cover for the wii u i mean i dont expect too much from the bundle probably just the skin and a skin for the wii u gamepad

  • PandomCastiel

    I'm surprised at the lack of 'over 9000' jokes here. 😛

  • RoboticLink

    Bundling is a good idea, it will probably sell thousands of systems

  • Davad

    It says the Wii U is Black I think. I will probably consider this if it is real, considering I don't already have a Wii U but am definitely getting one. It was never in doubt I would get one, I am a Nintendo gamer and I love Nintendo games. But I have been waiting for more games to come out and a potential price drop. Wind Waker Wii U id one game I definitely want to get. Wind Waker was my first Zelda Game and my only regret is that they removed the Tingle Tuner. I always wanted to try it out but never had a Game boy System. The Gamepad would make it easy to implement. But I'm still getting it. I don't have a need for Zombie games so ZombiU doesn't interest me. Besides Wind Waker HD, ZombiU, and the Wii U; What are the other items on the list?

  • craZ

    None, other than the 3DS XL Pokemon X and Y bundles, I think.

  • JBDCool

    If its gold yes it might tempt me but I would only get it if I won it in a contest. What I would like though is the red 3DS XL might be my one shot at getting the new Pokemon.

  • ForcedUser

    I've been holding off buying a Wii U, hoping for a Wind Waker Limited Edition Wii U. When the 3DS got a Zelda edition, I vowed not to let that happen again . . .

    Also, you know, the system doesn't exactly have many games yet and considering my Wii died a few years ago from being an early system, I'm ok with waiting for some bugs to be fixed first.