Twilight Princess with Skyward Sword Textures

You guys gave a very spirited response to the fan-made Twilight Princess texture pack a few months back that transformed the visuals into those with the style of Skyward Sword. While we only had screenshots to show you before, creator Ryan Cort (otherwise known as disbala on GBAtemp) has now released a teaser trailer to show the game in motion–and it’s looking incredible!

It may be a while until modded Wii owners can try out the pack with the release date  currently set for “eventually”, but you can check out updates on disbala’s DeviantArt.

Source: GBAtemp
Via: Kotaku
  • Dood

    What about the reverse of this? I'd like to see that, too.

    • Uknowwho

      Yeah. I would love to see skyward sword with twilight princess graphics.

  • Drgy

    Hmm… looks like Twilight Princess with low-res graphics 😛 Agree with Dood, Skyward Sword with TP graphics would be bomb.

  • Jon

    Looks terrible I mean they did a good job but doesn't do justice to the darkness the game is.

  • craZ

    Why does every zelda video, or at least Twilight Princess video, have to have the music from Lost Town or whatever that town is called (played Twilight princess, but can't remember the name of the town because it has been forever since I have seen the town)?

  • craZ

    Also, it looks nice. I don't have a modded wii but it looks cool for people who have it.

  • shadow_link

    The game is to dark for this. It would be like having my little pony dragons in skyrim…

  • Ragnell

    i honestly don't see the point in wasting your time doing this. How many people are actually going to get this texture pack?

    • MrAzureKun

      Practice is sometimes essential for programmers.
      Having some sort of evidential experience notched on your belt is also very nice to have when looking for a job or trying to get scholarships. Essentially. Its not meant for money but for recognition.

    • Jarmihi

      Just because you said that, I'm going to. 😛

    • Flouridation


  • Mickii

    That sure is some negative feedback. I personally would love to check out Hyrule with these pretty graphics. Imagine Zoras Domain.. and the Twilight Realm 😀

    • Flouridation

      So beautiful! I can't wait myself! When is "Eventually"?

  • RPH1

    It looks good but Kakariko, in Z-TP has dirt, not grass. They could have used Eldin region ground texture.

  • I do agree with some of the others, I think a SS with TP graphics would be simply amazing.
    I have considered doing such a thing myself, but I unfortunately don’t the time or hardware to do so.

  • corey

    I think this is a big mistake. The original graphics are far better than Skyward sword.

  • Rikki

    Looks beautiful! I agree with RPHi though, Kakariko needs to be more dirt-ish.

  • Cory

    I'd rather have a SS with TP graphics.

  • Kitakee

    Very pretty, but wouldn't've fitted the tone of the game.

  • Craig

    Why did this go missed for so long? You realize this site now gets news 2 weeks after it first breaks, right? Clearly can't handle running the site between you all 🙁

  • Raxite94

    It actually looks better than regular Skyward Sword… perhaps that's also because of the way human physical design was implemented… that and… hair styles….

    It was like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess had a baby….

  • morti

    oh finally TP doesn't look 100% dull. Look at Kakariko! Wonderful.

  • Mr. B

    It's looks awesome! they made a great work, but i don't liked it because don't look real seems like the low graphics and put more colors..

  • Jarmihi

    It's really cool to be able to see Zelda games in other styles. It's enlightening to place a different tone on other games to sate our curiosity and interest. However, I believe it is important to note that there may be something we're overlooking in wishing that the games themselves were in certain aesthetic styles.

    Skyward Sword is a much lighter, more mythological game than others in the series. It shows the very dawn of the Hyrulean people and the story that set their influence on the world in motion. It expresses that times were once bright and merry, and that no light would ultimately be overcome by shadow. As such, it is watercolor, or perhaps pastel.

    Twilight Princess is a darker, more emotional game. It shows a very dark time in Hyrule's history, the time when that light inevitably faltered and shadow filled the hearts of the people. I therefore liken it to oil on canvas, an ostensibly more mature medium than watercolor.

    So while it's cool to see these re-textures, I think it goes too far to wish that one game is officially in a different style than it is.

  • Nonelse

    Horrible, why don't you apply "Wind Waker" Graphics to "Ocarina of Time" too.

    • morti

      they already did and it looks fantastic as well. check it out on youtube (I think the guy who made the textures is called Djipi)

  • Link

    This in 10 years should be a remake


  • Topaz Mutiny

    Kakariko looks a bit TOO green for what's obviously a take on a dusty ye olde west town, but still this is quite impressive.

  • LinkTheHero

    I like the way Twilight Princess is.
    …also Link looks cooler 😀

  • Reece

    I don't understand the complaints that Twilight Princess is too "dark" for this visual style. This is nothing more than a fun fan-made project–it's not like it's changing anyone's copy of TP or taking it away.

    Besides, it's an invalid argument. If Wind Waker and Okami had their sinister and emotional moments, I don't see why brighter graphics would diminish those present in TP.

    • Robin46853

      For Wind waker people already say it is too "kiddie" for that reason. In Okami it was modeling after a specific art style the best it could. I don't know, people are picky. I liked twilight the way it was but you are right this is just a fan made thing.

  • I still want to see TP with the HD graphics of the Wii-U fake Zelda teaser. THAT would be truly fantastic.

    As far as this goes, it's nice. Great for the people who enjoy it, but I like Twilight Princess how it is just fine. I'm not much of a modder.

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    I’m loving how this looks, and I’d love to get it when it’s released, I’m just curious how hard is it to mod a Wii so that you can use stuff like this :O

  • llk

    TP is to dark of a game for this. I liked it the way it was.

  • I far prefer SS' graphics to TP's, this looks great! I'd love to play TP with these graphics. I didn't like the muddy, muted colours of TP.

  • MDH

    In my opinion it looks quite ugly. I always found TP's art style better than Skyward Sword's, and without the watercolor depth filter it looks really dull. I commend the effort though!

    Twilight Princess HD when?

  • Niely

    Looks cool.

  • Antihydrogen

    Eh, I'm not wowed by it but I'm excited someone's finally doing something with TP on modded wiis. I assume this will be something you use via Riivolution or possibly Gecko.

  • Justin

    I would like to see the side-by-side comparison.

  • Grifter

    TP almost always had a overcast sky if they ad some more cloud cover it would have meshed better