Alongside our Let’s Play of Skyward Sword, we’re also launching another (albeit shorter) series focused on playing Zelda games, called Zelda Versus. This series sees two people competing to see who can reach a specific point in the game first. The first game we’re playing is Ocarina of Time and you can watch the first part after the jump, starring Hombre de Mundo and Eternal Legend!

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  • -DAN

    I can't believe he waited so long to get the hop the middle platform rupee.
    Idk if she went for it.

    • Hombre de Mundo

      She did, I didn't know it was even there 😛

  • MrAzureKun

    So basically you're going to do the entire game rather than just portions of the games like Tucans and Jepson?

    • Hombre de Mundo

      In this case, up till the Master Sword, but the goal post will probably vary depending on the game, how long it is, what mile posts there are and how we determine the "skill level" of the players.

  • Majin Zuko

    Oh sure. Blame it on the formatting.