It’s Shark Week this week, a yearly event popularised by the Discovery Channel in celebration of the ocean’s most famous predators. Gyorgs perhaps aren’t as renowned as some of Zelda’s other enemies, such as Octoroks and Keese, but they are a recurring enemy nonetheless and a fascinating one at that. They appear in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass as menacing shark-like creatures that hunt in groups and ram Link out of his boat; as the duo of large manta ray-like bosses in Minish Cap; and perhaps most notoriously as the difficult boss from Majora’s Mask.

Deviantart user amymethvenart has interpreted the creature in the most threatening, fearsome way possible by basing it on a tiger piranha fish–just look at those freaking teeth! Using a variety of bright colours in an intense blend, she has captured the creature’s vicious motions perfectly. The movement of the water even appears to conceal the monster, making it all the more unnerving when you can’t see the thing until it’s too late. Beautiful yet nightmarish, this has to be the scariest thing in pink I’ve ever seen.