Wind Waker HD Screenshot 1

All-new screenshots for The Wind Waker HD have surfaced, showing off once again how gorgeous the game really is. Among the most interesting is the one above which provides our first look at the appearance of the much talked-about Tingle Bottle, a new feature in the Wii U version of the game (more details here).

You can also read on for a look at the in-game Miiverse integration provided by the Tingle Bottle, sailing, combat and more.

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 10

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 2

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 3

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 4

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 8

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 9

Wind Waker HD Screenshot 11

Source: Nintendo Everything


  • Triguy123

    Is it just me, or is anyone else that's played Hero Mode on Skyward Sword annoyed with the skip button that is… always at the bottom of every cutscene. Why couldn't it just fade away? When move control stick-it reappears. I rage for stuff like that. Especially when you're showing a friend a piece of the story for the first time-havin' fun switching players throughout a dungeon… AY, I know it's a tiny symbol and word, but jheeze mang

    • Triguy123

      It's like a $#*^^) signature stuck to the bottom of my eyelid, foggin' up the art I'm trying to see CLEARLY, mang. That piece of $#*^ doesn't belong there! No Zelda Player deserves a #2 floating in their eye. SURE IT'S OPTIONAL TO ACCEPT IT, BUT IT'S NOT SO OPTIONAL IF THE FI $#*^'S HOVERING THERE ANYWAY!!!

      • Vladislak

        I'm going to completely ignore how much you're overreacting and just say: What does that have to do with this article? It's not like any of the screenshots have the skip button in them.

        • Triguy123

          You're right. I wasn't going to second-comment, but in the moment I realized what button it is to skip and thought it was ffuunnaayy :' D we can still be friends, right? i'll float you a drawing in a bottle if words aren't enough. we'll party it up on Miiverse, right? o.O We'll forge a two-sided-square when Four Swords WiiU drops, ay, Vladi?

          • Mahboi

            Are you drunk?

  • Oraigu

    Huh. They made the sail button be the B inside the boat. that’s pretty neat, I guess. 😀

    I still have an issue with the sky “glowing”, but I guess I’ll get used to it.

    • Ashmic

      the sky was like that in the old one,

  • Vonter

    Ok that sun is pretty bright. Night looks beautiful.

    Does anyone know if the camera will be changed to upload images to Miiverse like in Pikmin 3?

  • Vonter

    Ok that sun is pretty bright. Night looks beautiful.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    The bloom is ruining everything. >: Ugh. I can't see a thing because it's blowing everything out in the daylight pictures and making everything blurry. Meanwhile the indoor and nighttime images are crystalline and gorgeous.

  • Crazy Dud 24

    What about the tingle tuner I don’t want some dumb bottle, + I never got to use it so I am very upset. Why don’t Nintendo use the 3ds like 3 other games were for it so its just stupid not to.

    • Triguy123

      I think Nintendo wants to be fair with the content they output, especially with Zelda. I'm sure they got some mad comments/reviews about the original Four Swords Multiplayer requirements. Though, I get that you were stoked to use the Tuner. I know I'd love there to be Multiplayer in Zelda Wii U. Inclusive, DLC, or an entirely separate game. I'm anticipating such fun. (Just no limiting each player with one special item. UNLESS IT'S RAD, YOU CAN LEAVE THE ROOM WITH IT, AND UPGRADE THE $#*^ OUTTA YOUR HOOKSHOT ICE INFUSED LINK LOADOUT!)

  • Echon

    Huh. I was wondering how they were going to manage the faster sailing. I guess it has to do with the color of the sail…but is it an upgrade we get over the coarse of the game or something we have from the get-go when buying it off of Zunari?

    • Ragnell

      Watch the Zelda WW direct, but you get it later on in the game by doing something (not revealed what though)

  • GreatMidnaFan

    I still wonder how Tingle got in Jail…*shivers* o.o

  • Doc

    That bloom is horrible