Majora's Mask Official Soundtrack

Time to rejoice if you are an ‘Elite’ member of the US Club Nintendo website, as Nintendo is offering a batch of awesome free Zelda goodies. An official soundtrack CD of Majora’s Mask and a Wind Waker poster (from a set of three various posters) are available to Platinum members, while a digital eShop copy of Link’s Awakening DX is available to both Gold and Platinum members.

For those who aren’t aware of how the system works, users who have registered Nintendo products totaling 300 ‘Coins’ between July 1, 2012 and June 31, 2013 are considered ‘Gold Status’ members; while those who have saved up 600 coins during this time are ‘Platinum Status’ members. Both Gold and Platinum members are considered Elite members.

Unfortunately for those outside the States, this seems like a US-exclusive deal. For those fortunate enough to have enough coins saved up, what will you be getting? I’d snap up that soundtrack just for the beautiful artwork. There are of course more Nintendo-themed freebies for Elites too, and you can check out the full range of gifts here.

Wind Waker Poster:

Club Nintendo Wind Waker Poster

Source: Club Nintendo US
Via: CVG