Majora's Mask Official Soundtrack

Time to rejoice if you are an ‘Elite’ member of the US Club Nintendo website, as Nintendo is offering a batch of awesome free Zelda goodies. An official soundtrack CD of Majora’s Mask and a Wind Waker poster (from a set of three various posters) are available to Platinum members, while a digital eShop copy of Link’s Awakening DX is available to both Gold and Platinum members.

For those who aren’t aware of how the system works, users who have registered Nintendo products totaling 300 ‘Coins’ between July 1, 2012 and June 31, 2013 are considered ‘Gold Status’ members; while those who have saved up 600 coins during this time are ‘Platinum Status’ members. Both Gold and Platinum members are considered Elite members.

Unfortunately for those outside the States, this seems like a US-exclusive deal. For those fortunate enough to have enough coins saved up, what will you be getting? I’d snap up that soundtrack just for the beautiful artwork. There are of course more Nintendo-themed freebies for Elites too, and you can check out the full range of gifts here.

Wind Waker Poster:

Club Nintendo Wind Waker Poster

Source: Club Nintendo US
Via: CVG
  • negatron99

    I am a massive Zelda, neigh massive Wind Waker fan, but I'm in the UK. What do I get with all the 'Stars' I collect over here? Well, it's not worth mentioning. It's rubbish.

    • Lord Rahl

      I bough a wii-snes controller……soemthing that would be worth…..25-40 euro in stoes for 7000 starts….
      one game costs €45 and gets you 250 stars. 7000/250 = 28 games. Those 28 games cost: €1260
      That's one expensive controller

  • It's also available in Canada, I ordered my soundtrack earlier today

    • Mack

      Me too!

  • Guest

    I'm only 70 coins away from getting Majora's Mask cd. I need to find some 3ds games so I can get it. Does anyone know when this offer ends?

    • Dark Wing

      u had to have been a platinum member by june 30th, sorry to say your too late 🙁

      • Guest

        really? cause the offer for elite members is showing up in my list so I figured that meant I could get it since I was gold already.

        • Dark Wing

          if your gold you can get a gold reward. the cd is platinum so you wouldnt be eligible

          • Guest

            aww that sux. There's nothing else I really wanted.

  • Nick

    son of a b**tch!!! I WAS SO CLOSE TO GETTING PLATINUM THIS YEAR and I already HAVE la:dx

    • Nick

      Same here

  • I fell just short of getting platinum. This makes me weep a little as I was really wanting more posters for my room. I will have to settle for Link's Awakening DX though. All I had was an illegal rom before so I'm to be able to own a legitimate copy of the game now.

  • Guil.

    Yeah. Fun for all of those who get nothing from Club Nintendo in their country.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Yeah, at the end of June I bought Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon mainly so I could have enough points for platinum status. On a side note, it was also a pretty good game. Anyway, the MM soundtrack was tempting, but the Wind Waker poster was so beautiful I couldn’t resist, so I got the poster set, like last year. Problem is, my walls are already completely covered… I will have to make room somehow.

  • TriForceFan

    Do You think there will be a Zelda U poster next Year?

  • Greg

    *cough* anyone fancy sharing this with any us non-platinum members here??? *cough cough cough*

    • gust

      u sick bro?

  • Bleye

    I managed to get Platinum this year. Majora's Mask is probably my favorite Zelda game, so it wasn't much of a decision.

  • whatevs

    I'm trying to be jealous, but I already own an official MM soundtrack. I'll admit it doesn't look as cool as this one, however…

  • Zack

    So… this pretty much confirms Majora's Mask 3D or HD is going to happen, right?

    • beastganon

      no, just no

    • beastganon

      no , just no

  • Triguy123

    I want to buy this, not that Zelda Guide set…

  • Ghost Of Mater

    I'm an elite member and I chose the MM soundtrack. I mean, out of all the options, The MM soundtrack seemed like it was the only one that would go up ridiculously in price. I could always just buy the others later ya'know?

  • Triguy123

    I'm not a part of Club Nintendo. If I join, will I receive points for already bought games? (latest purchase I've made would be OoT 3D in store and Colors 3D bought in eshop?) I read a bit about it. *But is there a certain date after you've bought merchandise that you'd have to register for points?* Thank you!

    • ForcedUser

      For current games there's no limit. So long as you still have the code for registering the game that comes with each game you can still register. I'm not sure if older systems like the DS and Wii codes still work or not, but Wii U and 3DS games should work fine. Not all games are eligible for Club Nintendo coins, but anything Nintendo actually produces is a sure thing and they've started to pick up third party titles as well. Just check the Club Nintendo website and you'll find a list for all the eligible games!

  • wilsonlinkgamer

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOST MY CHANCE if I knew they where going to have mm soundtrack or something sick like this from the beginning I would of become platinum 10x just for the item dammit lol Nintendo club never catched my eye's I became platinum in one day from my Zelda collections 3ds ds games ect this is so pissing I want it so bad!

  • Aura

    Could this perhaps be hinting at greater consideration for MM3D? Here's hoping

  • ForcedUser

    My account attempted (briefly) to fake me out and say I hadn't achieved gold status. I was so bummed and then it switched over. Thankfully I didn't pick up any gold gifts and ended up with the Majora's Mask OST . . .

    which is really an odd thing for them to be giving out as a gift. I'm cautiously optimistic about it as an indicator of MM3D, as others have suggested. Either way, it was a VERY welcome surprise. Now I've just got to work on getting platinum for next year!

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  • zelda loves link

    hey everyone it is me zelda and just to let u know that i have one those posters and it was a skyward sword one and i love it so now i'm trying to get the soundtrack and poster
    so can any one tell the princess what the price is so i can pay it with my rupees
    and let's just say that this princess love her own games music and ect. but i am a huge fan
    and yeah im the lost princess of hyrule and i want it sooo bad

  • beastganon

    why only in the US I live in the Netherland ):