Zelda Stop Motion

The weekend is almost upon us, so it’s time to relax and hit up some entertainment. Fortunately, your old pal uncle Reece has found two awesome videos for you to kick back and enjoy. Recently, YouTube has been graced with a couple of seriously cool stop motion videos based on the Zelda series. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

First up, we have a video from YouTube user blackjack0014, with a Zelda scene made entirely out of LEGO. Interestingly, it references more than one Zelda game, acting as a tribute to the entire series. There’s the Sacred Grove, a Forest Temple, and even a glimpse of Skyloft. When you consider that every piece of the scenery is hand-made, it becomes all the more impressive.

Next, we have something even more astounding. Skilled animator counter656, via Machinima’s Happy Hour channel, has graced us with an unbelievable, action-packed video of a Figma Link going all Toy Story and coming to life, facing off against some tenacious adversaries. There’s also a ton of gaming references outside of the Zelda series here, with Cloud’s Buster Sword, MGS alert sounds and Final Fantasy-style summons.

The best part though? This is only “Part 1”, with a Part 2 soon to follow!  Has anyone noticed their Figma Link fighting evil lately? I’d say that’s pretty good value for money if they do.

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  • Kenzi

    Woah! Awesome! Can't wait for part 2!

  • guest

    no thx

  • mcdude910

    Oh, cool, the next one's going to have Saber from "Fate/stay night".

  • Apple303

    Lies! Link is left-handed!

    • reeceh92

      Ah, but Skyward Sword Link isn't.

      I was waiting for someone to make that observation, and knew it wouldn't take long. 😛

      • calvin

        It switches, it depends on the game, hes left haned in sone of the old ones, and right handed in some of the others.

        • Mickii

          Technically, he's only right handed in SS. TP Wii and OoT MQ are just a mirrored version of original games, but SS isnt, so… xD

          Nevertheless, both of these videos are fantastic! I have great respect for such animators.

          • Doesn't he switch dominant hands depending on which way you're facing in ALttP?

          • That One Ring

            Dude TP was being developed for the wii before TP for the gamecube released. Even though the gc version came first that doesnt mean that link was left handed. He could have been right handed in both versions but the gc was mirrored just before release. U ne er know

          • Dave

            It was, completely the oposite, Tp was years in development for the GC, then the Wii was released and Nintendo chose to give the Wii´s sales a boost by releasing Tp on Wii first with some control updates, which are the reason for Tp to be mirrored on the wii, and finally release it on the GC, so, Link is lefthanded, he´s always been, that changed only for the sake of control, when the wiimote appeared.

  • james

    why not choose goku? there wouldn't even be a fight

    • zay

      hahaa yeah XD

  • Chris

    EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • timmy

    the 2 video the bed guys was a toy called lego hero factory

    • jarjar4evr


  • The second video is really great! The animation is very smooth and the action was enjoyable. A+

  • FyrusKasai

    Holy crap the Knife Lord was Well-Made.

  • Sharon

    Wow. Just WOW! Incredible animation!

  • Samantha

    hey I've seen tons of great feedback about the second video, but the first one needs loving too!! that probably took a lot of time and effort!! kudos to them!!

  • Destiny

    Too cool