Zelda Stop Motion

The weekend is almost upon us, so it’s time to relax and hit up some entertainment. Fortunately, your old pal uncle Reece has found two awesome videos for you to kick back and enjoy. Recently, YouTube has been graced with a couple of seriously cool stop motion videos based on the Zelda series. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

First up, we have a video from YouTube user blackjack0014, with a Zelda scene made entirely out of LEGO. Interestingly, it references more than one Zelda game, acting as a tribute to the entire series. There’s the Sacred Grove, a Forest Temple, and even a glimpse of Skyloft. When you consider that every piece of the scenery is hand-made, it becomes all the more impressive.

Next, we have something even more astounding. Skilled animator counter656, via Machinima’s Happy Hour channel, has graced us with an unbelievable, action-packed video of a Figma Link going all Toy Story and coming to life, facing off against some tenacious adversaries. There’s also a ton of gaming references outside of the Zelda series here, with Cloud’s Buster Sword, MGS alert sounds and Final Fantasy-style summons.

The best part though? This is only “Part 1”, with a Part 2 soon to follow!  Has anyone noticed their Figma Link fighting evil lately? I’d say that’s pretty good value for money if they do.

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