After the recent interview with Game Informer, Miyamoto was asked some questions by Gamesindustry in regards to Zelda Wii U. The man behind the series further explains why the much anticipated title was not shown at E3 in addition to discussing when we might see it in the future. Read on to get to the interview!

“Q: The one game many of us were anticipating to be announced today and that many fans have been looking for is a brand new Zelda on Wii U, apart from the Wind Waker HD makeover. Perhaps this is a better question for Aonuma-san, but why haven’t we heard about a new Wii U Zelda?

M: So it certainly is a better question for Mr. Aonuma but we are working on a new Wii U Zelda ,as we do whenever we work on a new hardware system. Development on the new Wii U Zelda game, we’ve pretty much determined our direction on that and the teams are working hard on that. In fact, we actually did consider showing it at E3 this year but we were worried that if we showed the new Wii U Zelda game then that would attract all of the focus, and really what we want people to be aware of and pay attention to here at E3 are the playable games like Pikmin 3 that we have coming in the immediate future, because a lot of fun is with the games that are coming out this year. So that’s why we decided not to show it this year at E3, but it’s certainly something people can look forward to.

Of course, as I’m sure you’re aware E3 used to be the place where you made all of your big announcements but as we’re seeing more and more, particularly with the advantages we have with the internet, we’re able to make announcements really at any time. So the other thing we didn’t want to do was go through all the news here at E3 – we wanted to be able to have some news to continue to share with consumers over time.

Q: So does that mean Nintendo will tell us more about the new Wii U Zelda later this year?

M: I think so, maybe. [Laughs] Maybe after we’ve seen enough people enjoying The Wind Waker HD, then we’ll think about sharing something with them about the new Wii U Zelda.”

Miyamoto gives us an interesting stipulation at the end of the interview with his Wind Waker HD comment. Definitely something to chew on as we await the release of Zelda Wii U.

Source: Gamesindustry
  • Oni Link 303

    Well that of course means we have to stimulate Nintendo by showing our adoration for TWWHD. Then we'll hopefully be seeing or hearing more news about Zelda U later this year.

  • anon

    that means next year fo sho

  • sanguiluna

    Maybe they'll include a demo of Zelda U with the WW game.

    • Linkbro

      now that is a great idea

  • GanonLives

    Actually I understand why they did not show zelda WiiU. They really wanted to promote the current games. Smash Brothers and such are great but perhaps one of them should have been at the release of WiiU. It's simply not doing well. Nintendo needs a jump start and hopefully the E3 announcements will help. Zelda WiiU in 2014 I hope.

  • Josh

    I think they made a mistake not showing it at e3. It's the biggest venue and has the biggest audience. Showing it there could persuade more people that have never played Zelda before to buy the game or system. And also showing it would have been a Huge moral boost to all the hardcore Zelda fans. Oh well, always next year..

  • Hooch

    That is precisely why Squaresoft decided not to show FFXV at E3, because they wanted to be sure people were hyped for and purchased the FFX HD port. Oh wait…