Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - Zelda Reference

The amazing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D released last week, and GameXplain have an interesting video to celebrate the 3DS’ latest instalment of platforming goodness. In this episode of Cool Bits, Cranky Kong makes a reference to a renowned Zelda meme.

While browsing his shop for power-ups, the grouchy old ape will mutter many things to the player–more than you might expect, even if you’ve already played the game. You see, some of this dialogue can only be seen by selecting each item and waiting certain amounts of time.

This is also true of the original Wii version–but with new items in the 3DS version, there is also new dialogue. The most interesting of these phrases is “It’s dangerous to go alone. Buy this!”, an obvious parody of the first words spoken to Link in the original Legend of Zelda. There are many more interesting details in the video after the jump!

Source: YouTube
  • Link wolf

    Cranky the cheapskate. Lol.

  • guest

    Haha, someone should just write an article of all the games that use memes from Zelda; Cranky Kong using "It's dangerous to go alone" is just one example. Even in some darker games I've seen Zelda memes pop up–i.e. In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Farkas says "It's a secret to everyone" during the Companions questline and in Borderlands 2, the black market merchant Earl will sometimes say "Dangerous to go alone [followed by an insult]". Really, Zelda has had quite the impact on the gamins culture, no?

  • Ashmic

    its getting over used now