There’s the Boomerang, Ocarina of Time, Hookshot, and Bow, but what if Link had an iPhone? This is the question asked by the blog “Texts From Zelda”, which provides text conversation between Link and various characters from Ocarina of Time. These witty conversations are sure to humor any Zelda fan.

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RutoYou can find more on Texts From Zelda’s blog.

Source: Texts From Zelda (via Kotaku)
  • asdf

    Hyrule Historia confirmed that Heroes Shade is Link from OoT. There is no other closure needed.

  • Ericzander


  • kaepora21

    If Link never speaks… does that mean he can text? 0.o

    (Yes, I know he speaks in WW. Pipe down haters.)

    • GreatMidnaFan

      Also Link speaks in TP when Talo wants the wooden sword, you say whether he can have it or not

    • Haha. That's a tough one, because he technically talks in-universe; it's just that he doesn't have extended dialogue.

  • I don't blame Link for not responding to Ruto.

  • Peter

    Hahaha, the dark link one is amazing.

    • Derp

      giggity giggity giggity

  • John

    Technically. During the mission in which you shadow the girl stealing from the outdoor shop, if she thinks she sees you, but Link hides, he says "Meow!"

    • Ericzander

      Also he says "Come here" during the escort areas.

      • John

        Really? I thought he was just yelling noises like usual. Cool!

        • Destiny

          Wow, never noticed. Cool to know

      • *"Come on".
        Oh, God, I'm that nit-picky fan who corrects nuances.

    • Triforce of Toast

      Really? I always thought she was making that noise, and I could never figure out what the hell was wrong with her, haha. That makes so much sense now!

  • John

    Was trying to reply to a different comment. Sorry.

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    I’m not sure about the rest of you, but personally I’d take Ruto up on that marriage pruposal :p

    • Kelz

      awkward. but hey, who am I to judge.

  • Someone

    Personally I would smash that piece of crap with the Megaton Hammer!

  • Prit

    this is freaking amazing

  • Derp

    Link's ringtone for Navi: LISTEN!

  • shodow_link

    Why can't I cast Din's Fire? 🙁

    • Derp

      do you have enough magic? or magic in the first place?

  • hylian_knight

    anyone else notice the carrier is HyNet..? it's Hyrules favourite Telco 🙂

  • This could be a great idea. Zelda already has a strong sense of will and wisdom, and is skilled in magic and archery. Seeing a story unfold from her perspective could make for a very entertaining twist.