oracle discount

The day has finally arrived–both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are now available to download on your 3DS via the Nintendo eShop! If you missed the news post a couple of weeks back, you can also grab them at a discounted price of $4.99/£4.49 each until June 20th. After this date, the games will be priced up to $5.99/£5.39.

This marks the first re-release of the Oracle games in over a decade, since their original Game Boy Color release way back in 2001. They are the only games in the series released simultaneously as counterparts to one another, and to support ‘linked game’ connectivity. They were also the first games in the series handled by Capcom, and in fact the first games externally developed outside of Nintendo. And boy, did that bold move pay off–the games turned out to be some of the most imaginative and compelling in the series.

  • Leca

    Welcome home. <3333333

  • George

    No access to the GBA shops! They could have easily fixed that!

    • Darth Vitrial

      I actually sent Nintendo an email about that…they responded that it's because the 3DS is acting as a GBC emulator, instead of a GBA. :/

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I just purchased them both! I have never played them before, so I'm excited to play them later! 😀

    • zelda_fun

      me too 🙂

  • Canyarion

    Hmmm…. I have both games on cartridge and I hate paying money for something I already have (minus my old save files). But having it always with me does sound attractive. And it’s only €10 together…

  • Rupee

    Today is a very happy day for a Zelda fan.

  • Raltor

    Do they support 3D? Or just 2D like the rest of virtual console releases?

    • Rupee


  • Soeroah

    For anyone interested, it's $6.50 each in Australia, for the moment. Probably $7.50 once the deal's over.

  • Zack

    Does anyone know the canonical order of these games?

    • blah

      I heard people say it's Oracle of Seasons first, then Ages. But if you mean the entire timeline in general, idk.

    • Q_Q

      The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages can be played in any order. There is no set chronology on which of these two games are first in the timeline. With that said, the games play off one another based on te password system they were designed with. For example, by playing Ages first and finishing it, you will be given a password, this password can then be used to start a file on Seasons that will continue the story of ages and finish the duo of games with extra plot elements and a final boss. Now, if one were to play Seasons first without using a password, the plot will be different and there will be no final boss, but instead, you receive a password that can be used to start an Ages file for similar effects to the above example.

      In-short these games are interchangeable, it’s up to you to decide which one you want to play first. Or if you’re like me, play both without password files first, then make a password file on each after beating them once to get the full feel of the Oracle series.

      • heroofmask

        correction there is a final boss if u dont secrets the game u just dont get to fight the true final boss untill you basically use the passwords or gbc link the game

    • Darth Vitrial

      Hyrule Historia says Seasons came before Ages.

    • actually there is really no sequence behind oracle of ages and season their both the same in the same place in sequence

  • Gwydion

    Just picked up these games last year, but I can't pass up having two more Zelda games on my 3DS – I think that brings my total up to 8, lol. It's nice having so many Zelda games on one handy, portable system!

  • RPH1

    I now have 8 Zelda games on my 3DS, too. That must be some kind of record for 1 system. I didn't have the Game Boy Color, so I'm really glad that they put LA, OOA, and OOS on the eShop.

  • Tropxe

    I love these games, but it's a shame they didn't include the GBA shop (I know it's emulating the GBC, but NIntendo could easily have changed the coding to let it appear) and fix some of the glitches, like the old guy that lives by the flood gate claiming he's Zelda's nursemaid and has come to Holodrum on a secret mission (Impa's dialogue from the start of the game). Since they're essentially charging money for old ROMs, they could've put some effort in to updating the game in terms of controls and UI, too. Have the dungeon map on the bottom screen, let you assign items to all four main buttons, etc.

    To anyone who hasn't done this before, once you've found the guy in Subrosia who's obsessed with signs, smash 100 of them – either with the L2 Sword or just by picking them up and throwing them – and go back to him. A great moment.

  • Darkstar

    Is it possible to use the password from Ages (the original cartridge) and use it on the digital version of Seasons? I am trying to do that but it keeps saying "that's wrong" Can someone please help me? thanks!