The Symphony of the Goddesses has finally made its way back to Europe after one-and-a-half years since the 25th Anniversary Symphony, and we had the opportunity to attend once again. Me, Hombre de Mundo, and my trusty cameraman, River Zora, covered as much of the event as we possibly could. We also have an upcoming interview with Producer and Lead Creative Jeron Moore. And if you want to know more about a return to Europe, keep an eye out for more information.

Even after the three separate times I have attended this event, I still find myself exhilarated. Meeting up with Zelda fans remains a highly enjoyable part of this event and something that the symphony staff continue to enjoy as well. Finding producer Jeron Moore mingling and taking pictures with fans outside is a testament to the passion the symphony staff have, even after 50 shows over the course of 18 months. Below is a YouTube video showing you how awesome the spectacular this event was. While the video still sounds amazing, being at the show in person and meeting a ton of fantastic people is something one can only experience by attending this event in person.

If you would like to read even more detail about this event, you can read my post about the first time I attended this event.

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