We’ve covered a number of Zelda Symphonies in the past, but this time we’re stepping up our game a bit. We’ll be sending a full-fledged camera crew to London today to cover the event, and will also be organising a Zelda Universe meetup and dinner.

If you’re interested in joining us, we have a thread on the forums with specific instructions about when and where we will be meeting up. All you need to do is to show up and have a good time. After dinner, we’ll be heading out to the Hammersmith Apollo to mingle with the crowd, where you can meet us if you can’t make the dinner.

We’re not sure where exactly we’ll be at the venue since we’ll move around to the most interesting spots to film, but we’ll keep you updated on our Twitter page throughout the evening. If you want to come by and say hello or film a short interview be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter.

For the details of the Symphony itself, you can check the official website.

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