Janitor Art 1

If there’s a Zelda fan at your school, your janitor is probably the last person you’d expect it to be. Yet, somewhere in some unspecified school, there is a custodian not content with only cleaning the building, but also gifting students with awesome artwork. That is, assuming he/she is actually working, and not just drawing and sneaking in another go at Ocarina of Time 3D when no one’s looking.

Spotted on the cafeteria whiteboard were these amazing drawings of Link, Wolf Link and Midna from Twilight Princess. Not just simple doodles, either–fully-fledged, incredibly detailed and huge illustrations. Nothing tells students to pick up their garbage quite like a big, serious-looking Link.

Janitor Art 2

Sources: [)(-EY GURL]thedavesofourlives (via Kotaku)
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  • phantom

    Will someone help me? I am signed in, but it still comments me as a guest :/ please help

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Wow, these are amazing!

  • Mahboi

    Everyone has a hidden talent 🙂

  • Echon

    Gorgeous! Wolf!Link in particular is absolutely amazing. Hard to believe all that detail is done in dry erase board markers.

  • Loco4Loki

    He did a lot of doodling in Middle School

  • RPH1

    Quit your day job!!!!

    Nintendo should hire this master artist to illustrate manuals or player's guides.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    I wish he was my janitor! He's in the wrong profession…

    • RPH1

      Good luck on your way to the Lonely Mountain. We're rooting for you.

      • Bilbo Baggins

        I gave up on the Lonely Mountain ages ago. I'm now going to Death Mountain Crater!

        • Trollicious


          • Banooru

            “THE MORNING WILL TAKE YOU ALL!"….tee hee. Meaning all you trolls with strange accents.

  • Redeeming Majora

    Imagine the pain of erasing that sort of art… D:

    • Mickii

      Im gonna cry.

  • i wish my janitor was that cool hes bald

  • I swear can ZU be anymore late? ZI has had this up for about 3 days now.

    • Lightbulb Head

      Yeah, and this post is only two days old. One day late isn't that bad.

      • lady-guenivere

        this has been on tumblr for a while now actually. i think ive reblogged it at least twice

  • Gwydion

    "If there’s a Zelda fan at your school, your janitor is probably the last person you’d expect it to be." Hey now! Not all janitors are old folks – I'm not even 30 yet and I'm a janitor. You do the work you have to in order to bring in money, and hey, drawing on the white boards on your breaks is a fun perk, lol. Never did anything THIS detailed, but it's fun leaving "gifts" for the students. ^_~ That is some pretty darn amazing work for markers on a white board!

  • TS_505

    I do cleaning part time at a school and I'm a freelance illustrator. I'm paid pretty well for it, too. I'm not really seeing why one of his jobs should mean anything about his taste in entertainment.

  • ZUGuest123

    Did this remind anyone else of Good Will Hunting?

    • Dave

      Oh, just saw your comment after I made mine. Yeah, I was just thinking that.

  • tingle_forcegems

    No, more like my older brother.

  • Ralph

    Dude I need to know this janitor
    I was searching for someone who could draw this on the wall at my home

  • Dave

    Goodwill Hunting anyone?

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