Squareknot is launching this summer.

We’ve just announced that Squareknot, our very own startup focused around building communities and discovering new things to do, will be launching this summer. Squareknot lets you share what you love, and discover interests you never knew you had in a global community of the creative and curious. Members can create workshops and share projects they’re working on, and show others how to do the things that they love.

To kickstart Squareknot this summer, we’ve got workshops planned from folks like our own Cody Davies, former members of Zelda Reorchestrated, let’s players like Chuggaaconroy, and more all sharing how to do what they do. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Squareknot’s new landing page and sign up to get notified when we launch the site.

Source: Squareknot Blog
  • Craig

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we miss you Jason! Hope we'll see your around a bit more here in the future but glad you're doing well with this 🙂

    • I miss you guys, too! Squareknot makes me intensely busy for sure, but I'll be back for E3 doing more public things and coverage on ZU. Plus, I'm working with a lot of ZUers behind the scenes on Squareknot, meaning that the two will come together nicely when it launches. Opportunities for more Zelda a cappella videos? I have no idea. 😀

  • kaepora21

    Why isn't it Zora Link surfing that huge wave?

  • Rob

    I thought Squareknot was Good Semester. And I thought Good Semester was intended as an education tool. Why the change of direction?

    • There's a whole crazy story behind it, but in the end we decided that it's more fun and interesting to stay away from academics/education, and that we wanted a service that could be more useful to peoples' actual lives, especially beyond college. GoodSemester was a fantastic experience and taught us a lot about the way people learn. It was also a primer for us on how to build a solid web service. All of that knowledge is being integrated into Squareknot, but in a vastly different way from GoodSemester.

      As for what we'll do with the old GoodSemester… probably nothing. For us, Squareknot is the natural next step.

      • lol

        "in the end we decided that it's more fun and interesting to stay away from academics/education"

        so what really happened

        • Haha, that actually *is* what happened. People were using GoodSemester for public projects and interesting things to do, and we loved that. We wanted that to be the whole service. So that's what we did!

          There isn't some wacky secret story, sorry 😉